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August 2, 2018

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

Q. Georgia, well done. That was a very, very exciting round of golf, wasn't it?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I was very happy with it. I played very steady and my putting was really good, so I was happy with the way I started the first round.

Q. How satisfying is it to deliver that when obviously there's a huge sense of anticipation ahead of this event.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I just love coming back here and I have a lot of confidence from last year. And like my first tee shot I knocked it to a foot, so I was like confident from then, I think, and this golf course is really, really tough, and to play the round bogey free I'm actually really happy.

Q. And then there was the purple patch from 13, three birdies in a row there.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. Those all were tough holes. I think 14, one par-4, they all three have to get birdie there because it's a long shot in, like a 4-iron for me. So to get three in a row there was very nice.

Q. And then coming in right at the end, you've already alluded to how satisfying it is to be bogey free, a little bit of trouble off the tee. So that was a gutsy par at the last.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I just thought that anywhere I left is fine on that hole, which I accidentally pulled it. But I managed to have a good shot on the front of the green, had about 120-foot putt or something, so I was happy to 2-putt that.

Q. How was your old man on the bag?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, he was good. Yeah, kept me calm and gave me water when I needed it.

Q. But is it a different dynamic because obviously it is a shift from the usual.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, but I'm quite -- well, I like to think I'm quite dependent on the golf course anyway, so I just kind of make my own decisions all the time, so I was just going out there doing the same as normal.

Q. And final thought, you've given yourself a really nice platform to go forward from here, the confidence as well from last year. It must be a good feeling.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I mean it's just the first round, but I started really well, and hopefully I can start good again tomorrow morning.

Q. Well done. Thank you very much.

Q. Georgia, 67, five birdies, no bogeys, how satisfied are you?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm very happy. I started the round really well with birdie on the first hole, and that kind of got me going, and to have a bogey-free round, obviously very happy with that.

Q. Last year you played with Gary Player the week before this event. He gave you some putting tips that worked out quite well.

Q. This year you played with Tom Lehman last week, of course, an Open champion at this very golf course. What advice did he give you?
GEORGIA HALL: I went for dinner here last night, and I saw a picture of him when he won it the year I was born, and he just said, you know, stay out of the bunkers. I kind of ^ did today. I was very good off the tee, and luckily I holed some putts, so yeah, 5-under is cool.

Q. Speaking of the year you were born, 1996, a certain week in April, the year that Nick Faldo beat Greg Norman, you were born on a Friday, I understand, and that is why your parents named you Georgia.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, that's exactly right.

Q. You say this is your favorite tournament year in, year out. Why is that?
GEORGIA HALL: I think there's nothing like this and there's nothing like a good day on a links golf course. It's so beautiful to play, and I really enjoy links. I love hitting the ball low, and I think you can play so many different shots out here, and it's great fun, so I love playing links.

Q. Premier event, family affair, your dad back on the bag just for this week and of course the Scottish Open last week. What is it like to have him with you again?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's always great. My mom and dad don't get to watch a lot of me because I play on the LPGA a lot and in America, so they don't always get to come. But yeah, it's nice to have both of them here as well. And I've got so many cheers on the first tee. It was so nice to have that support.

Q. Harry's been kicked off the bag for a couple of weeks, but I'm sure he will be back. We enjoyed watching you. Well done today.
GEORGIA HALL: Thank you. Cheers.

Q. Georgia, a flawless card out there. How would you describe it?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I didn't really make many mistakes, to be honest. I had some really good putts for par, and I started the round really well for birdie which was kind of crucial for me at the first hole and kind of got me settled a bit. And just to hole good par putts, especially towards the end, there are some tricky holes, so I'm very happy with my round.

Q. I don't know what the weather was like when you woke up this morning, but in terms of the conditions you had out there to play in, it must be pretty near perfect for links golf.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I'd say so. It was like a club and a half wind, and although there was a bit of rain this morning, not a lot but it still was enough to make the ground a bit softer. But yeah, I tried to think about they have good weather this afternoon.

Q. You had such a great time in this tournament a year ago, it really kick started a fantastic year for you.

Q. How different a player would you say you are coming in to this year than you were a year ago?
GEORGIA HALL: A lot more experienced. And I played Solheim after the British Open last year, so I've been having an amazing time on tour and I got my LPGA Tour card since then. So yeah, a lot has happened in a year, but I'm sure happy where I am now and I look forward to tomorrow.

Q. And you don't get to play at home very often. I think there's a huge crowd waiting for you to come out and sign some autographs. How have you enjoyed the support and being one of the home favorites here this week?
GEORGIA HALL: It's so nice because I don't normally get it in America and I don't get as much support as I got this week or last week, so it's so nice to be playing in England and so nice to have my family and boyfriend here, so I'm very lucky really.

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