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July 29, 2018

Colin Montgomerie

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. You got the most out?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I hit the ball well today and through the week. I skimmed the whole all week. One of those things. Skimmed the hole and unfortunately didn't hole enough putts.

Q. What's next?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I go down to London Club and then I'm back to America, Dick's Sporting Good's tournament over in New York State, so I'm over there the following week. It's busy. But I'm hitting the ball well. I skimmed the hole all week. All week skimmed the hole. I just tapped in, tapped in, tapped in, tapped in.

Q. Is it the difference between British greens and American greens?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: With the rain -- you've just got to adapt. Golf is about adaptation, really, isn't it. You've got to adapt. They are not the same every week. You've got to adapt. It's unfortunate. I was expecting better.

Q. At the start of the week, we talked, this may be your chance at St. Andrews, is it more poignant?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Possibly. Let's hope the success of this tournament -- it really feels like a major. Let's hope the success of this one, it will be back again and doesn't take 50-odd years before we're back again, because then it would be my last time.

Q. They mentioned every five years.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: At least that. At least that, yes. If the powers that be allow us, if the Links Trust allow us to close the course for a week during prime time, it would be great because really, you know, this is where we should be playing, yeah.

Q. If you strip away today's weather, which was unfortunate, the other days it really did have a good feel to it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It was fantastic. It's a shame. It's a shame the crowds are light today because of the weather, but at the same time, it feels like a major and it hasn't always done, the Senior Open, and this does feel like a major here, which is right. We should be here every bloody year.

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