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July 29, 2018

Tom Watson

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. A good week, to finish in the Top-20 was a very good week for you?
TOM WATSON: I was disappointed the way I played, starting at 14 yesterday. I started hitting into the pot bunkers, and when you do that, you don't score very well, as most people understand when they play links golf over here.

It was just a sporadic day today. I didn't hit too many good shots but I just hit it in the wrong places with a few bad shots and when you do that, you don't do very well.

Q. How special was it to walk over the Swilken Bridge on 18?
TOM WATSON: Well, I've done that a few times in my career. I don't know how many championships this is for me in St. Andrews, eight or nine, something like that. And every time, it's a very special moment, walking up to the top of the crest of that bridge and looking back and capturing the moment.

Q. I suppose you were a bit emotional walking up the 18th, getting the big applause from the crowds?
TOM WATSON: It was emotional. I still had some business to do but I didn't finish very well, and that's the disappointing thing. But all in all, I can't complain. I played -- in the first two rounds, I played very well, and I shot my age in the second round. I didn't have a five on my scorecard the first rounds. I played some very good golf for me, and that tells me I still have a little bit in the tank. Maybe not very much, but I still have a little bit in the tank.

Q. Overall, it's been a very enjoyable week for new St. Andrews?
TOM WATSON: Always is. I had some wonderful fish and chips last night. Had some good camaraderie with friends. The fans were really -- they were very good to me. I gave it right back to them. I appreciate what they do for me.

Q. This place was electric yesterday, maybe didn't finish the way you wanted to but as you walk up to 18 to the great applause, what was going through your mind?
TOM WATSON: Well, this is a unique setting in golf, probably the most unique. You come into the town of St. Andrews, the last hole, finish amongst all the buildings and the people hanging over the rail up there, there's no other place like it. This is a wonderful golf course. It can give you some opportunities, of course, with the windy conditions downwind, you can drive the greens and things like that.

But you'd better stay out of the bunkers and that's what caught me starting at 14 yesterday and a few times today, I hit it in the bunker. When you do that, people who play links golf, they understand that's not a good place to be. My score reflected it.

Q. Still at the age of 68, around here competing, did you prove something to yourself this week?
TOM WATSON: As I mentioned earlier, there may be a little bit left in the tank, you never know. I was playing well coming into it, and I was happy about everything. I just didn't sustain it for four rounds. I played well and I putted well the first two rounds in particular. The last two rounds, I made some mistakes. Hit some wayward tee shots and caught the fairway bunkers a few too many times. When you do that, the Old Course here will knock you right flat on your face.

Just the feeling that I get when I play here, the crowds were wonderful to me, and I respect them. It's been a good career. I'm not calling it off right now but I'm just saying, it's toward the end of my career and it's always great to play championship golf, especially here at St. Andrews.

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