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July 29, 2018

Bernhard Langer

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

BERNHARD LANGER: On 18, I was between two wedges and tried to shoot 1-down and hit it hard and didn't turn out great. Overall, I was pleased. I putted okay. I had one bad 3-putt there where I actually thought I hit a good shot and it came up short. Yeah, that probably was it. You know, I 3-putted there, and if I had made one more birdie somewhere, I would have been right there.

But Miguel played an awesome four days of golf, and he's a very well-deserved winner.

Q. Just one shot short.
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, I was pretty happy overall. It's not easy in some of the conditions that we had. Today we were very fortunate that it didn't blow 18-mile-an-hour like the forecast said it would, and so that made it a lot more playable and easier, and the scores I'm sure were a lot better than they were yesterday.

Q. Was there a moment for that you was kind of a turning point?
BERNHARD LANGER: Well, there were several of those. I was 4-under after six and I hit it to about four feet or five feet on seven and missed that putt. That kind of shocked me a little bit because I was putting great up until that point.

But you know, kept plugging along. Just really didn't get the ball close enough. On 9 I was between clubs.

On 10 I was between clubs.

On 12, on 18, there were a number of holes, you know, when I was hoping to get close to the hole but never quite had the right distance and didn't pull it off properly.

Overall, I hit a lot of solid shots and putted pretty decent. Made a 3-putt on 14 that really hurt me, or 13 I think. But that's just how it is. These greens are not easy to read and the weather was great, so that was fun.

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