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July 28, 2018

Sylvia Fowles

Kristi Toliver

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Postgame

Team Parker - 119, Team Delle Donne - 112

Q. Sylvia, you've been a part of a lot of All-Star games before, but to have it here in your own backyard where you play for the Lynx, how do you assess this crowd and how Minnesota was as a host for this game?
SYLVIA FOWLES: Overall I think we did pretty well having the All-Star here. I think for the most part these young ladies enjoyed themselves for the last 48 hours. I'm happy that we had All-Star here. I'm happy that you guys got a chance to experience that, and I'm also happy that we have four All-Stars here, so thank you.

Q. Syl, are you upset you didn't get a three today?
SYLVIA FOWLES: I'm very upset. Y'all couldn't tell? I normally knock those down. The corners are my spot at practice, and I just couldn't get one for you guys, so maybe better luck next time. I'll take some tips from Kristi, of course. Maybe I need to run off the screen or something, you know, moving to my right. It would be better.

Q. Kristi, you were getting really, really hot at the end. Did you feel like you were going to be able to shoot your team to the victory the way this was going?
KRISTI TOLIVER: I mean, we certainly wanted to win, but those guys are just encouraging me to shoot the ball. Syl was setting screens, Dan [Hughes] drew up some stuff, D [Diana Taurasi] was finding me. It was a lot of fun, this experience. Minnesota has done a great job. The fans are always there, and it's always a fun building to play in, and I usually do shoot pretty well in this building.

SYLVIA FOWLES: That she does.

Q. Could both of you or each of you give us your favorite moment from today's game?
SYLVIA FOWLES: Mine definitely would have to be Angel's [McCoughtry] backboard pass to herself was one of my favorite memories today.

KRISTI TOLIVER: I think mine was definitely taking the foul on Maya [Moore]. We had four to give, so I thought it was a pretty strategic move on my part.

Q. Elena [Delle Donne] and Candace [Parker] were in here just a moment ago talking about the possible expansion of the All-Star Game with possibly a skills competition or something of that nature. Would you guys like to see that in the future in the All-Star games?

SYLVIA FOWLES: I think that plays an important part of what All-Star weekend is all about, and I think these ladies got a lot of talent to showcase their skills, and I think we definitely should bring it back with the expansion of it.

KRISTI TOLIVER: And potentially a game of horse.

Q. Syl, since it's here, the All-Star weekend was here in Minneapolis, tell me what it was like to work with local kids a couple days before the game and everything happened, what the impact of that is to grow the game.
SYLVIA FOWLES: First of all, I think the WNBA does a really good job at making sure we exceed in that area of working with kids, and just to have that opportunity to teach them the things that we know. I wasn't in that position at an early age because I was a late bloomer into the basketball world, but I think if I had that guidance, that definitely would have changed my perspective at an early age.

I'm just happy that we, like I said, are on this platform to be able to mentor and teach and be a role model.

KRISTI TOLIVER: Syl nailed it.

Q. Sylvia, what did it mean for you to have three of your teammates, even if you're on different sides with two of them, what did it mean to have four Lynx here at the All-Star Game in Minneapolis?
SYLVIA FOWLES: Well, first of all, I was insulted that we were on different teams, so I kind of had to suck it up, so it was kind of bittersweet to see them win because I wanted to win. But it says a lot just about the league itself just growing. But for us to have four All-Stars on this team on our home floor in front of these amazing fans, it meant everything.

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