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July 28, 2018

Sophia Popov

Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland

Q. A real mixed round, an eagle, a hole-in-one, some bogeys, some birdies. Tell me about how you are feeling after shooting 70?
SOPHIA POPOV: Obviously with two eagles, one of them being in a hole of one, I would have hoped for a little bit better of a round. I didn't drive it well enough the back nine. So I just got a couple bogeys because I didn't hit any fairways, really.

And then other than that, I thought I played really solid, and that final bogey on the last hole kind of -- well that was obviously not fun for me. It was annoying. I just 3-putted, but in this wind, it's going to be really tough. It's just getting more and more right now. 1-under I think is still a really good round and I'll take it.

Q. When you went out this morning and the weather was probably a bit calm, you knew the weather was going to turn. Were you thinking, make a hot start?
SOPHIA POPOV: Absolutely. At 4-under, I was thinking if I can get like 4- or 5-under and then hold it on the back nine, that would be great. To me, with the wind how it was at the end for us the last like nine holes, it felt like I was holding my score very well. I made a couple good putts, but on the other hand, it's just 13 was playing so long today. I hit 3-wood in and it was not easy.

There are a couple bogey saves I made, too, that felt like par saves on a normal day. I think all in all it was pretty good. I think the most frustrating thing is just that bogey on 18 to be honest. Everything else was pretty solid.

Q. Tell me about the hole-in-one, pitching wedge from 151 yards. Anything more you can say about it?
SOPHIA POPOV: That was probably really it. I was just like -- downwind, and it's downhill, so of course I don't hit my pitching wedge that far, normally. But we had to play it at a good 20 yards less than it was. I thought if I could get a high pitching wedge and the wind carries it, I could carry it into the flatter part of the green and take out the front slope, and I did that, maybe two yards right of the pin knowing that the slope at the pin goes left. Took a couple hops and then it just rolled the last like eight feet towards the hole and we were thinking it had a good chance and when it was went in --

Q. Did you see it go in?
SOPHIA POPOV: We did see it go in. It curled around Jacqui's ball and then just went in like behind hers.

Q. Any celebrations on the tee?
SOPHIA POPOV: Yeah, just as much of a celebration as you can have when it's only you and your group but we had a couple other people standing there and it was nice and the people at the green were cheering.

It was great. Obviously it's nicer if you are in one of last groups and you make a hole-in-one but for me it's my first hole in one as a professional, and I'm really happy about it.

Q. Do you have to go buy anyone a drink?
SOPHIA POPOV: Unfortunately I played with two players that know a lot of girls around here and they have been telling everyone, so my caddie has already been getting texts about giving out some drinks. I think I'm going to have to unfortunately -- no, I definitely will give out a round.

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