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July 27, 2018

Miguel Angel Jimenez

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Group of Jiménez, Watson and Langer combined 24-under par for this championship. No better than you today with that beautiful 67. You were 5-under on your closing nine. What did you do so well there?
MIGEL ANGÉL JIMÉNEZ: First of all, the wind was gusting a little bit on the 14th hole. And we played very solid, super low today. Hitting the ball very good. On the 14th I nailed the driver on the tee left to right. I make the first putt over there, and then I make another birdie on the 15 or 16 hole. They were quite close, and I holed the putt. If I see the score, you see I make 34 putts today. I played very solid and on the front. I never thought that the wind was going to pick up from that moment, and I put the ball just in the water there, and make five there and then 3-putt on the four. It was very difficult with the very strong wind on the first nine. At the same time I decided to hit a sand wedge into the par-4, on hole No. 5, holed the ball on No. 6, No. 10, from the tee. That helps make. Help on the back nine I played so good today.

Q. You've always been a confident player, Migél, but now that you've picked up your first senior major earlier this year does that make you a little more comfortable heading into the weekend with the lead?
MIGEL ANGÉL JIMÉNEZ: Everything helps with how you're familiar. You are able to make more. I would love to have this one here in Scotland. We'll see what happens. Very good players at the top of the leaderboard. Played with Tom and Bernhard. If you want to talk about Bernhard, he's playing so good. He's stroking the ball amazing. I love the way he plays. He plays so good.

Q. Should be fun on the weekend. Thanks for your time. On the back nine how well did you play today?
MIGEL ANGÉL JIMÉNEZ: I played amazing good. I played that first nine holes level par. I put my ball in the water. And then I make a birdie on the hole No. 4. And then, well, hitting very good since then on the back nine. Hit a sand wedge in the hole No. 5. Drive the ball good on the 6 and No. 10 also and getting better, and the back nine I hit it so good, beautiful. And also it helped probably that the wind is changing the direction and lower a little bit in intensity, and I was able to put on the 14th par-4, and I made the eagle on the 17. First putt I make all day. And then on 15 and 16 I put the ball quite close to the hole. And then I missed another one on the 17. I managed to go low.

Q. Coming here to St. Andrews, were you inspired by what Seve did here in 1984?
MIGEL ANGÉL JIMÉNEZ: Well, would be amazing if I can join him in that club.

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