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July 27, 2018

Tom Watson

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. It was quite a scene watching Bernhard and Migél and this man, Tom Watson, play as the sun was setting here on the final few holes. That was great from our perspective. What was it like from yours?
TOM WATSON: Well, we had an opportunity to play the golf course without that strong wind coming in our faces the last few holes, and it gave us a little breather. And Migél really took advantage of it. He eagled 14, birdied 15 and 16 and he played very well today. And I even birdied 17, the road hole. That's like making an eagle.

Q. You've been playing as well the last two days. What do you attribute that to and how optimistic now are you in this championship heading into the weekend?
TOM WATSON: Well, I played -- I have been playing well, and I attribute it to I practiced quite hard before I came here bare wise. I got my directive from my caddy, my son, he said, "practice your chipping." And so far it's been good.

I played well. I had two strange lies. I got away with 5 and I didn't get away with 6, but I played very well. Played well both days, and I'm really happy to shoot my age today. I shot 68 on the Old Course under pretty good conditions. And I'm very pleased. Anytime I can shoot my age I'm very pleased.

Q. You must be so delighted you're in the Top 5 going into the weekend.
TOM WATSON: Well, right now I'm in position to do well and see if I can get the ball a little bit closer to the hole and these greens with my approach shots like Bernhard and Migél were doing. My iron play is a little bit off, but my driving is good. My putting is very good. So I can't complain.

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