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March 30, 1996

Colin Montgomerie


WES SEELEY: 71, 69, 66; 206, 10-under par for Colin Montgomerie. When did you start getting wet out there?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 14th green, it started to rain on us which is -- at least we got 'round some way. It didn't really change things. It just made it awkward. But the last hole there, it was starting to blow a little bit. So the wind is picking up as well, so it is getting tougher now. I am just glad I am finished at this stage.

WES SEELEY: Why don't you take us through the birdies.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I missed great chances at 2 and 3. I missed a 5-footer at 2 and same at 3, and disappointing. Then I managed to birdie 4 out of the right-hand bunker from about a foot. And then birdied 6, hit a sand wedge into four foot. Birdied 7, hit a 4-iron into ten foot. Birdied 8, hit a 2-iron just right of the green. It was a simple chip really, and had a great chance and it did go in. Just from ten foot, really, right in the hole. 11, I just was left of the green in two; chipped up to eight foot. That is my only birdie in a par 5 in two days. Disappointing when you can reach six of them. And the last there, driver, 4-iron -- 4-iron into eight foot. That was pleasing after making birdie chance at 17 and 16, but it is the par 5s that got me, really. I've only birdied -- 11 today was the only birdie that I made in the last two days, and that is where I have lost out, if anything. I have played the hard holes well, so we will see. I have got to get the birdies and the par 5s tomorrow.

WES SEELEY: Questions.

Q. Have you surprised yourself how well you have played this week; first time in America this year, only second tournament?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not really. No, no, I am expecting now to do pretty well in tournaments. I suppose I surpassed myself in Dubai in my first tournament to be 18-under there, and that has given me the confidence to come here. So, no, I wasn't -- I haven't surpassed any expectations, no.

Q. In fact, your expectations were two 66s over the weekend, as I recall.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: They were. That is one of them. I need another one now.

Q. Do you think that might do it, another 66?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It depends what is happening. The course is obviously a little trickier now; is playing longer, obviously, and the greens, you know, do you take the same break as you did before because it is obviously wet now. And the ball is not taking as much break on the greens and they are slower, so you have got to -- we have been four, five days hitting the ball outside the hole now, you've got to hit it inside the hole, these putts, so it depends on how much the lead is ahead. Whether how much I need to win.

Q. Would you, however, take a 66, though?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Depends on what wins; isn't it? Not if it comes second, no.

Q. When did -- you said the wind started picking up.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Picked up on my second shot at 18 there. We were quite fortunate to get through. 17 and 18 will be quite difficult if the wind remains. I don't know, it seems to calm down, you know, blustery, a wee bit, I am not sure.

Q. Do you feel now that your game has evolved to a point where you can play any golf course at no disadvantage or --

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Or am I still up for Augusta? Is that what you are saying?

Q. That comes to mind, obviously.


Q. People all sort of stereotype you as a U.S. Open --


Q. -- type player.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: This type of course suits me better, yes. Where the premium is on putting the ball in the fairway. Yeah, I have to admit that that is why I have done well in the USPGA, U.S. Open style courses. My record here is not bad, I have been last couple of years 9th and 12th or something, so, yeah, I like these type of courses where the premium is on accuracy, sure, more so than a course where the premium is on around about the greens where the Masters, is, I suppose, but that is not saying -- I am not saying that I can't win at Augusta - don't get me wrong. I wouldn't enter it if I didn't think I was going to win. But, yes, these courses do suit my style of game better.

Q. Even more so than the Open Championship?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The British Open Championship?

Q. Yes.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I just haven't done very well there. I don't know why. Hopefully it is coincidence. We will see.

Q. Did you give yourself a little talking to after the third, maybe, two 6-footers?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Disappointing after the third because I played too well and missed a very makeable 5-footer up the hill; then the third, hit a good 7-iron into, what, six foot, hit -- lipped out and that should have got me going, but it didn't. Then hit a bad drive on 4. It was in the right-hand bunker and hit a great 9-iron out there stiff, so that was forgotten, the second and third were forgotten. Then I got on with it.

Q. Did you come close to any bogeys?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Come close to a bogey -- didn't today, actually, worrying. 15 I was in two bunkers -- at 15 I drove it into the right-hand bunker; then came out in the left hand bunker, but I mean, it wasn't that difficult to hit out to a foot, but that was, I suppose, as close as it gets. But it is always nice to play on a course of this quality without making a mistake. That is when you win tournaments. It is not the amount of birdies you make. It is the amount of mistakes you don't make.

Q. Are people in the gallery asking you about your new svelte look?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Shouting it out all the time "where have you gone" and all of this sort of business. (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.) Yeah, it is quite nice, I suppose.

Q. Are you pretty well known here in America, the fans know who you are?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Better now with the Ryder Cup situation, and a couple of major playoffs, I suppose, but getting there now. Just wish they pronounce my name correctly. My name is Colin, not "Colon." (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.) Just seems to keep on pronouncing it.

WES SEELEY: Anything else for Mr. Montgomerie. (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.)

Q. With an "I.E."; not a "Y."

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Thanks, cheers.

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