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July 27, 2018

Sandy Lyle

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. How would you assess your play and the quality of your play here so far this week?
SANDY LYLE: I played really good golf yesterday morning for the first nine holes, and my putter let me down sadly. I had chance after chance after chance. So it was almost momentum wasn't going in my favor, and then when we made the turn we were going back into the wind, and those finishing holes were pretty strong. And it was gradually leaking away the odd bogey because I wasn't hitting some good shots. So 73 was a bit annoying because I had many, many, many chances the first nine holes. Four or five-under should have been well within my reach, no birdies on the par-4s, anything like that. So a little frustrating, and then today played very similar, very tidy golf, and got the early birdies. I had a nice eagle at 14, really helped push the momentum.

Q. How good does it feel to be in contention in a major championship, and those competitive juices, do they just get flowing?
SANDY LYLE: Well, there's still a lot of gremlins in there playing around. When things are going well, you think any minute now, don't make any mental mistakes. But having James on the bag this week who is a local player here, plays plus three, and he knows the greens really well. He's really quite an asset to have. And we both think on is he similar lines as far as the lines. So we're working well as a team.

Q. Last week do you think that helped you coming in and playing a links course again this week?
SANDY LYLE: This is my third event in a row. So yes, you would think probably within the second or third event you would have some scores in line. And then last week I would like to have made the cut at least, but didn't really come close in the end. But it's always an experience, and played well for certain parts of the rounds and not so good on the other parts. So this week I know the course really well, and you can get it around and not have to go straight in the fairway all the time. You can hit a few wild ones and still get away with it.

Q. I know they're speaking of the winds picking up and the forecast is not too good. How do you find your position going into the weekend?
SANDY LYLE: Right now I've got no idea position wise, but I don't think anybody's going to run away with it, you know, because it's going to get drier, a little trickier, and the wind might pick up. And I don't think they'll all get finished today anyway. We could have some playing tomorrow in not so good weather, so 5-under could look quite good at the end of the day.

Q. And with your experience playing well in bad weather, do you think that would help you for the weekend?
SANDY LYLE: Well, possibly. Momentum wise I'm feeling quite good. I'm hitting the ball not too bad, and if I'm wearing a water-proof jacket tomorrow, that will be good for me.

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