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July 27, 2018

Jarmo Sandelin

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Jarmo, thanks for your time. How good is it to be on the links course at St. Andrews?
JARMON SANDELIN: I love St. Andrews, and it looks like St. Andrews loves me too. I've been playing really well, and the weather has been really nice, so I look forward to the weekend.

Q. And how good was your round today? No dropped shots.
JARMON SANDELIN: No. I've been hitting very solid shots the last two weeks. And I am happy to be able to find the right clubs and find my way, and managed to play without a dropped shot. It's great.

Q. That's quite good, because it's quite tough, the back nine, coming into a breeze^ . It's quite tough to play when the wind picks up.
JARMON SANDELIN: It is, especially 16, 17 is tough holes, and you need to find the right clubs and try to be confident. And if you are that, then you are happy with par, par 16, 17.

Q. And how do you find your position now going into the weekend?
JARMON SANDELIN: Well, the main thing is try to play the same way I've been playing and hole a few more putts and see how far it takes me.

Q. The weather could be different for the weekend. Are you ready to get wet?
JARMON SANDELIN: Absolutely. I'm used to playing in wet conditions, and I know St. Andrews changes rapidly when the rain comes and if it starts to blow even more. So no, I look forward to the weekend. Hopefully I can keep doing what I've been doing, hitting good shots.

Q. How exciting is it to be in the mix in a major championship?
JARMON SANDELIN: Oh, it can't be better than this. This is what we play for, and to be in the home of golf with at least two good rounds, it's a great feeling, great feeling.

Q. Keep playing well.

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