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July 26, 2018

Scott McCarron

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. How enjoyable was that to play on a links course in St. Andrews?
SCOTT McCARRON: Well, it's probably one of my favourite golf courses of all time. So to be able to play St. Andrews here at the Senior British Open and to play with arguably one of the best links players ever, Nick Faldo, it was really truly special. I got off to a very good start. I played some solid golf early on. I played really solid coming down the stretch. The holes were a little tough coming back into the wind and just left a couple out there that I would like to have back but all in all it was a good day.

Q. A round of 67, that's a good round of golf.
SCOTT McCARRON: It's a great round of golf, especially at the start of the championship here. You can't win it the first day but you can certainly lose it. I certainly put myself in position to keep going and have a good week.

Q. And how tough was it coming in on the back nine?
SCOTT McCARRON: It was very tough. As soon as we turned the corner there on 12, we had some tough holes coming in. It was hard, left-to-right, and into our face.

So there was some holes that all during the practise rounds, I was hitting driver and wedges and 9-irons and now I'm hitting driver and hybrid, so it made it very difficult. But it's fun, the challenge of trying to hit shots like that and hit them low and run them up. It really takes a lot of experience around here, a lot of creativity and I was able to do a good job today.

Q. And your distance control was, you hit a lot close today?
SCOTT McCARRON: It was, I've been practicing a lot all week, just big, long, distance putts. I know I'm not going to chip a lot. I'm going to putt them from off the green the way I did, and I did a really good job. I just let one get away from me a little short and missed the second one but other than that -- that's going to happen out here. Very happy with the way I played.

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