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June 13, 1997

Colin Montgomerie


Q. What happened?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, I mean, obviously, I mean, I didn't hit the fairways like I did yesterday. Very long day, very warm. The crowd was quite boisterous after the rain delay. Obviously been into certain tents - didn't help matters really. And, I didn't play well also. Obviously, I mean, I missed far too many fairways and you can't compete missing the fairways like I did today.

Q. What did the rain delay do to you mentally?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, it stopped things. You know, I mean, you're ready to play at 12:20, you gather yourself. The whole evening is based around 12:20 and you don't. You play at two o'clock and very, very difficult to get things going. I think the early starters this morning were at a great advantage playing at the times they did. And, having to rush in and the sun coming down and the crowd, as I said, didn't help today. And, it was quite a difficult day all around.

Q. Was there some serious provincialism out there? Some fan said something to you?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, at 9, a bit, you know, it disappoints you when people cheer when you miss a putt, you know, and I hope that won't happen again. But, you know, that comes with certain tents out there that you go through during a two-hour rain delay and you have to expect that, I suppose. But I have got to regroup tomorrow and I'm only 4 behind and people have won from a greater position behind than that. And, I know that if I can get yesterday's form back again - which obviously I'll try and do - that I can still win this.

Q. Hoping this was one hiccup?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, sure. Sure, 76 is a big hiccup.

Q. Is there anything in your swing that you feel like --

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Obviously, obviously.

Q. Can you point --

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, if I knew the reason, I would have found it out on the 2nd and not the 18th. Obviously, I'll work on that --

Q. Are you aware today is Friday the 13th?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I am now. Sorry, yeah, I --

Q. You weren't putting well today?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, I mean, you tend to give yourself up for playing at 12:20 and it was difficult for the late starters. There were no good scores coming in after the rain delay. And, I was unfortunate that the tee-off time had to be put back 2 hours 40 minutes. In a physical sense, the whole evening is based around the U.S. Open. And, the whole evening is geared around playing at 12:20. And, when you get to the club at ten o'clock and you have to gear up for 12:20. And, then you play at three o'clock. I haven't felt well since I've been here, actually. And, I don't feel well. I don't feel well right now. And, it's no excuse, but it didn't help the crowd having that 2 hour 40 minute rain delay, because obviously the tents, you went to, and they had unnecessary drinks, it doesn't help. The only position you were talking about possibly is the back 9 where I missed a 4- or 5-footer for birdie. And, I got mere cheers than I did oohs and ahhs, and that's disappointing . We come to expect that this game of golf is not that form of -- that type of game. And, it's disappointing when that happens. That's usually saved for the Ryder Cup and not the U.S. Open. And, it's disappointing and it put me in the wrong frame of mind.

Q. Colin, are you still positive?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Sure, I mean, I'm only 4 behind. And, obviously, the way I was playing yesterday, I've got to regroup and try and find what I was doing yesterday. I've got to hit the fairways again. I didn't hit many at all today. That was the problem. If I can find what I was doing yesterday soon in a hurry, I can still win, because I know I'm capable of scoring low on this course. I love this course. I think it's a great golf course. I just had a very, very poor day.

Q. Colin, on 9 it appeared there was a distraction. What happened?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I had to bring my ball back twice, and I was ready to go and --

Q. On 14 you were going to (inaudible)--

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I was asking for some pills, actually. If you can find a medical place to try to get some headaches pills, I haven't felt well all day , as I say. So, that is what I was trying to ask her for if she had any. And, she didn't.

Q. What is wrong?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I tend to suffer more than most with the heat and humidity and stuff. And, I get headaches quite often, and that was one of the reasons. But, that was the only thing I was asking for really to see if I could find a first aid place to try and get some medication. That was all.

Q. Have you had any food?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, I haven't, so I don't feel that good. So I have to try to get some nourishment and start again tomorrow.

Q. Were you hitting a 3-wood on every tee?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: A couple of drivers. My first driver was on 15, hit the fairway and just missed my birdie there. And, then on 17, I hit it as well. I hit it twice. That didn't go straight either. So, we have to find out what was wrong.

Q. How did you fill in your time?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Just like everyone else. In the competitor's family place and eating and sitting down and wasting my time really, trying to get ready. Obviously, during a rain delay we are not allowed -- the range is shut and the putting greens closed. It's difficult to wait 2 hours 40 when you are leading the U.S. Open. It's very difficult. Thank you.

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