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July 26, 2018

Kirk Triplett

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. One of your more enjoyable rounds?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, I got off to a good start. I've been kind of lamenting, the last couple of days, I haven't been hitting the ball all that well and I thought just once it would nice to come over here and get off to a good start and not always be chasing after making the cut and then trying to move up.

Made a nice putt for birdie on the first hole and hit two good shots on No. 5 and made a birdie and made a couple more. All of a sudden, I had a good round going.

Q. Must be nice to play on a links course, the Home of Golf?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, this place is really something special. They have kind of recreated it, at least in the United States, in a lot of different places but they haven't done it right. This is really unique over here, and when the bounces go your way, it's really fun. I'm sure at some point this week, we'll find out if I can handle the bad bounces too.

Q. And 17, you made par, and good to have no bogeys in a round?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, I'm just trying to hit it to the front part of the green every day. I'll take two fours and two fives. I wasn't too upset that I didn't hit a great first putt but hit the second one right in the middle and that gave me a lot of momentum playing No. 18.

Q. Nice to get off to a good start?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, you try and enjoy it anyway but your smile is a little quicker after a 65.

Q. No bogeys and seven birdies and birdie on the last to putt that 65 together. What were your strengths in this round?
KIRK TRIPLETT: I drove it well. I have a local caddie, and I'm really uncertain out here and that's one of the reasons I wanted a local guy this week. He was very descriptive. He said, hit it right at that tower or right at that clump of bushes. I did that a number of times today.

So I had a lot of good fairway looks and then I putted well from ten to 20 feet. That's I guess what you have to do around here.

Q. You haven't played in this championship the last couple years. Was the allure of St. Andrews the reason you came across the Atlantic?
KIRK TRIPLETT: I think for me, definitely. I never feel all that competitive over here. I always feel a little off balance, so that's probably the real reason I don't go. That's probably the real reason is I've played well and finished 50th in a couple Open Championships. You know, I've played at Turnberry and I played at Royal Portcawl and I played here. The town and the experience, the golf, it's like no other.

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