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July 26, 2018

Bronte Law

Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland

Q. Nobody really likes getting up early but for it you must be well worth it with the wind getting up now, you had the best conditions and made the most of it?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. That 4.30 alarm wasn't very nice this morning. You never really sleep very well when you know you have to get up so early.

Yeah, definitely made the most of it. The first nine holes, there was barely any wind at all, which was really nice. You know, started to get up on the back nine and managed to play some good golf still and hold it together and yeah very happy with it.

Q. What were you most pleased with today?
BRONTE LAW: My short game definitely saved me a lot of times, and I would say it's tricky on the greens putting with the wind getting up, and managed to put decently well on the back nine, as well, which is very comforting.

Q. How much experience do you have playing links golf in the wind like this?
BRONTE LAW: Quite a lot. When I was younger, I was actually a member at Hillside, as well as being member of a parkland golf course. Used to go out there and practise and kind of learn the trade of links golf, because obviously we always have the British Open and that was something that I used to go and watch as a child and I knew if I wanted to win anything on a link course when I was older as a pro, I had to learn how to play.

It's definitely different. Playing now in America all year round and coming back and playing in the wind, you kind of forget for a second. I was talking to my coach and we had to kind of re-teach the punch shot last week. I've just been flying the ball up in the air over in the States.

But it is good to be back and I love links golf. You have to have such imagination and it's something different, which I like.

Q. What was the other course that you said was your home course?
BRONTE LAW: Bramhall Golf Club. It's in Stockport.

Q. So like what are your goals this week?
BRONTE LAW: Well, every week I turn up, I hope to win. Obviously you have to put yourself in a position where you can do that. On the first day it's always important to not play yourself out of the tournament and kind of be up there and hopefully by the end of today, that will be where I'll be. I'll go out tomorrow with the same intention, which is to take each shot as it comes and hopefully in the end, that will be a similar result.

Q. Were there any special shots today that you hit, like monster drives or chip-ins?
BRONTE LAW: There was some long good pace putts and out there that's helpful. I played some solid golf and took my chances when I got them. Yeah, there was nothing spectacular but sometimes there doesn't have to be and you can grind away and get a few birdies out there and that was kind of today really.

Q. In the men's tournament a few weeks ago there was some monster drives. Did you have any? What was your longest of the day today?
BRONTE LAW: I hit quite a long one on the par 5, maybe 11. Only had a 7-iron into that hole so that was nice with it being a par 5. That was right in the wind started to get up.

From then on in I then on some holes didn't choose to take driver, just for the ones downwind, not needing to be that close to the green. There will be a lot of that this week, with the greens firming up, you're not going to generate as much spin with the shorter shots.

You have to think your way around there and it's nice to get some long drives but also it's good to be in good position.

Q. How did you play the other two par 5s?
BRONTE LAW: The second, I made birdie there. I had an iron into that one, as well.

16, that was different today because it almost is playing down in the practise round, so I was hitting iron into that one and today you couldn't sniff it. So I hit driver 3-wood and had a little, you know, pitch shot in there.

Q. So you were really happy to be out first?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I think waking up that early is a struggle, but yeah, it's definitely nice. You always want an early tee time when you're playing links golf, so to be first out, I like to play quite fast, too, so I don't have anyone in front of me. That's always nice.

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