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January 22, 2006

Elena Vesnina


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Apart from your disappointment today, are you still pinching yourself that you got through to the fourth round in your first Grand Slam appearance?

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah, first I'm happy that I play fourth round of Australian Open in Vodafone against Nadia. I was really exciting to play against her. Yeah, I didn't play well today so I'm not like so -- it's not like 100% happy for this tournament. Yes, I'm happy for that it's my best tournament, and I like Australia. But today, a little bit disappointed with my game.

Q. What do you put it down to today? You just didn't seem to get going at all in the match.

ELENA VESNINA: I was trying to fight for every balls today, to just serve, serve good. Just try to put all the balls on other side. But I did so many unforced errors today, so it's like impossible to win if you made so many errors. That's why.

Q. Obviously, this has been another great tournament for Russian players with so many progressing so far. Does that help you, that so many of your countrywomen are doing so well?

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah, of course it's help me because I know all these girls. I spoke with him and they told me a lot of like good things. All the time they wish me good luck or something. So we're good friends with everyone, Russian girls. So it's like I try to be like them. I try to be in the same ranking like that. I try to play like they are playing. Today, Nadia, she show me how I need to play in the future (smiling). It's good lesson for me.

Q. Does it make it hard playing another Russian player? When you say they're your friends, is it hard playing another Russian player?

ELENA VESNINA: Who's my friend?

Q. Yeah.

ELENA VESNINA: My best tennis player friends are Chakvetadze, Kirilenko, Kuznetsova, Myskina. They all, like, my friends. All the time we speak together. In the changing room we just laughing and joking all the time. It's funny. That's a lot of girls on tour.

Q. We heard reports earlier in the week that it's one of the coldest winters ever in Russia. You come here, and it's really, really hot. How do you prepare?

ELENA VESNINA: Before the match?

Q. Yeah, how do you prepare for the Australian Open?

ELENA VESNINA: You know, I was ready before. I was practicing at home before Australia and it was really not so warm like here. I didn't go to the Thailand or another country to just be prepare for Australia. So I just came for Gold Coast a little bit early, like two days early, so it help me to be ready before Australia Open. But on the first of two tournaments I didn't play well because it was too hot for me. I don't know what to do, this kind of weather. So now I really feel good.

Q. Were you happy that you were playing indoors today?

ELENA VESNINA: It's like doesn't make any sense for me. It's like, okay. It was not so hot because it was indoor. It's good maybe. But like maybe if we will play outdoors, I don't know, maybe something will be change. But for me I think no.

Q. Do you feel like this tournament result is exceptional for where you are, or do you have the belief in your own game that you think this year you can continue to make in-roads at Grand Slams and start to make a bit of an impact?

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah, I need to work on a lot of part of my game. I need to work on my serve. I need to work on my forehand, backhand. A lot of. I think I can make -- my ranking can be better, a little bit better. I think it's not enough for me to be in the top hundred. My goal for this year to be in Top 50 and to all the time play good on Grand Slams.

Q. What about mentally, do you feel like you're a strong player on court, or is that something also you're working on to improve?

ELENA VESNINA: I don't think that I am very strong mental like Sharapova, Maria, or I don't know. Because it's hard work. And for me, it's like all things is first time for me here. First time I play on Vodafone Arena. So lot of people was there. I was really nervous before match and during the match also. So I need to work about my mentally.

Q. But you started very well, though.

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah. I don't know what's happen there. I started really well, you're right. Maybe I was playing so wide, you know, so hard, strong. All balls was in court. But then I start to make so many errors. I don't know what's happen. Maybe I was so nervous.

Q. Your thoughts on Nadia?

ELENA VESNINA: She playing really well today and she played so solid tennis. She has so good big serves. I don't know what to do with her serve. It was big problem for me today. And she was good baseline and good volley. Like she can play all of part of the court. She can play on baseline, she can play on the volley. So she's like perfect, I think (smiling). I wish good luck to her in the next tournaments, for this tournament.

Q. Do you think she's playing well enough to have a breakthrough at a Grand Slam level?

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah, I think she can do well here. She can beat the next her opponent. I don't know who it will be, Maria or Daniela. I wish good luck for her. She can beat there them.

Q. I read in the media guide that you like Martina Hingis. Have you been watching her play this week?

ELENA VESNINA: Yeah, I watch her game, one match yesterday against Benesova. I really admire Martina. She's like the best players, I think, in the world. I think -- I don't think that she will come back like this, so fast, so quickly. I was thinking that she will play maybe four or five tournament and then she gonna be ready for play with top players. But now she's like she's ready, I think. She can doing well here also.

End of FastScripts….

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