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July 22, 2018

Justin Rose

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Justin, just how heroic an effort has that been over two days to have taken it this far?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's exciting to be in with even a sniff here. I feel like I'm going to need a little help from my friends out there to be honest with you. I feel like it's one or two shy honestly, but I'm in the clubhouse. I set the target. I knew that Eddie Pepperell had finished 5-under, and I knew if I couldn't get past him, I had no chance. So that was the goal to make sure I got in the clubhouse ahead of him.

But I set myself the lofty goal to shoot 5-under on the back nine to get to 8. I thought that was going to be the number. The leaders started to wobble a little bit toward the end of the front nine, and that's when I knew there was an opportunity. I started to play great golf. Making the eagle at 14 was the little kind of boost I needed. Although looking at the leaders, I'm pretty much expecting all of those guys to make that birdie. When I got it to 5-under, even though I was one behind, I said to my caddie, I feel like I'm two back the way the golf course is playing. So I kept urging myself to try and make birdies.

Q. Still a memorable weekend there for you. I mean, very emotional with the 18th and the gallery.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it brought back memories for sure. The fact I had a wedge shot for my approach. I was thinking, can I do it again? I very nearly did.

But, yeah, obviously I'm going to be an interested observer now for the next hour or so. More than that, I just think having made the cut number, it's a great effort to be relevant on the leaderboard on Sunday.

Q. So from where you were on Friday until where you are now (inaudible)?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. It just proves to me that I can play well in this tournament. That I can win The Open. When I'm in the hunt, I enjoy it. I play my best golf. I don't back away. I really enjoy it. It was great to get the crowd behind me. Like I said, I hadn't felt the energy of the crowd for a while in the Open. That was a real positive for me, and it renew the love of the open for me.

Q. On your list of favourite Open holes, where does the 18 at Carnoustie stand in?
JUSTIN ROSE: After birdieing all four days, it has to be right up there for me now. I birdied it in different ways, too. Today it wasn't really playing that bear of a hole that it can. Yesterday I hit driver, 5 iron, which is more the Carnoustie 18th hole that we know. I feel like I birdied it all ways, which makes it special.

Q. So when you got the eagle at 14, you felt like you needed two more birdies?
JUSTIN ROSE: I did, yeah. That was kind of what I was trying to push myself to achieve, yes.

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