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July 22, 2018

Adam Scott

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I didn't play very well on the front. I think probably most guys struggled a little bit. It was very, very difficult. I really just want one shot back - my second shot into the 3rd was such a bad shot. Making a double there, could have easily made a 4 with one better swing. I would have been satisfied with even par today considering the way I played. I mean, I just didn't hit fairways and greens on the front nine.

I actually scrambled really well. I putted really well. Got it back, but I wish I had another crack at that shot. It was a bad shot.

Q. What exactly happened?
ADAM SCOTT: Just picked the wrong shot. I hit a lob wedge, and the wind kind of knocked it down, so it landed a few yards shorter of where I was trying to, and it had a lot of spin on the slope and came back down, spun back into the burn, and didn't get it up and down. So made a double. Would have been nice to just hit a softer sand wedge and two-putt and go to the next.

But, yeah, I wasn't really playing good enough today to get it going. So it was a matter of hanging in there, probably like most people out there.

Q. You got the PGA coming up. You've had a decent finish here, top 20. Does that give you some confidence you can compete there?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely. There's good stuff in my game. I didn't hit it as well as I wanted this week, but there was still plenty of good in that. My short game is really good, I thought. So I like that. So if I can just get the rhythm of the golf swing going a little better over the next couple weeks, I really feel like I can make a mark at the PGA and try to put a dent in the end of the season.

Q. How do you see this unfolding, six leaders at the moment?
ADAM SCOTT: Just throw the balls up, and who knows.

Q. What if it's a six-man playoff? Do you even know? Can they even play in the same group?
ADAM SCOTT: They might not at six. It will be interesting. 17 is playing brutal. The back nine on this, wind is playing a little easier today, but 17 is just brutal. They're not through the 14th. I don't know. Someone will make an eagle there or something and give themselves a good look at it, but I think it will be hard to hang on. 16 is going to be a little tricky to judge, and 17 requires two really great shots. And 18, you just have to be straight. Otherwise, you're in the rough.

It doesn't ever play easy at this place.

Q. Is this a part of you, a golf fan, that you're going to watch this and enjoy the last sort of half an hour, or will you want to get away?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I'll no, go home and watch it. I think there's a cold beer there.

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