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July 22, 2018

Chris Wood

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Chris, as a whole, how do you feel as you come off after four rounds?
CHRIS WOOD: Okay really. I'm going to be top 30 or something like that, obviously not where I want to be, but not really playing well enough to compete on a course like this. Pretty tricky to make birdies today. Obviously, only made one birdie, struggled on the greens today. Some days you can see the lines, and you've got the pace of the fairways, and some days you haven't.

It was a challenging day, but, yeah, overall can't be too bothered because I know I'm not quite on top of my game.

Q. With that in mind, knowing that you have been sort of up there, is that a big step forward for you considering the injuries you've had?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, yesterday was encouraging obviously because 7-under through 13. Yeah, didn't really do an awful lot wrong. You could be 8-under through 14, and all of a sudden you're right in the tournament. Carnoustie is such a tough finish. 17 and 18 are brutal to play them at level par. Yes, every year I play The Open, I feel encouraged that next year I might give it a run.

So, yeah, same again this year despite the way that I felt like I've played.

Q. What do you need to sort out? Is it just a physical thing now?
CHRIS WOOD: No, I'm not hitting the ball well enough at all. I've not been striking the ball well enough for a long time now. If you've got a pull hook in the back, it's quite hard when there's shots down here with the banks down the left. They're not really set up for how you want to play the hole. But, yeah, when you're not quite striking the ball in conditions like this, the wind can get the better of you really.

Q. So is that working on the swing adjustments? What is the plan with that one?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I got into a right mess technically for about 18 months now. It's been a struggle to try to get a decent ball flight back. I'm just starting to. I'm seeing signs of it. Yeah, you're not 7-under through 13 playing Carnoustie without doing some good stuff. But it's the consistency really. The first couple of days, I struggled with that, and my confidence goes. As long as I can get my ball striking back to where I want it, I won't be far off again.

Q. You mentioned the other day about linking up on the sports science side with Bristol. Could you elaborate on that. It's quite interesting because, obviously, sport science is huge, if you want to be a top athlete.
CHRIS WOOD: Golf's a long way behind, and, yeah, hopefully something comes of it. I've been in contact with them two or three times, and they know the sort of thing I'm after. Whether it works, I'm not there to invade anybody at all. I just wanted to ask a question because there's a championship club on my doorstep with facilities that are getting better and better. I thought why not ask the question. So hopefully, I could sit down with them. Yeah, it would be perfect.

I've got a charity skins match at my home club tomorrow morning with Dave Horsey and Jamie Donaldson. So it's going to be one more day of golf, but for me to be able to go somewhere at home on a Monday and just sort of recover a bit, and then if you go off again the following, it would be ideal

So we'll see. It would be great. Obviously, I've got a season ticket there as well, which is handy, but I'd love to be able to have something set up at home.

Q. Are they being quite responsive then to those requests to have a chat?
CHRIS WOOD: Lee has.

Q. The manager?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah. Just a couple of weeks ago when I finished second in France -- that's a tough course and mentally demanding, and I felt tired after that. I thought, right, I've spoken to a couple of other people at the club, and I understand I'm not on their priority list, but I thought I need to get something going here. So I sent Lee a message, and he came straight back to me.

I know they've been away, obviously, preseason last week. I might send him a message tomorrow and see if I can pop in and just start the ball rolling a bit. If something comes of it, that would be awesome. If not, I understand. No harm in asking a question.

Q. There's also Bath University as well, big sports science place?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I'm actually due to go to Bath University the next couple of weeks for some body scans actually. That's been set up through the Tour. They've got some good connections. So, yeah, two great places pretty much on my doorstep. I need to start trying to utilize them a little bit.

Q. The Open in Portrush next year. The tickets are flying away, Chris. I was talking to you about it.
CHRIS WOOD: We played the Irish Open there a couple years ago, and I think they had over 200,000 for the week. That was the Irish Open. It's a huge event, but it's not a major. They obviously have a huge interest in Darren, Rory, G Mack hopefully and the Irish contingent. It's one hell of a place. I missed the cut, so I'll probably go back there before to just have another look.

But, yeah, I thought the crowds this week were amazing. Still quite a fair trek from Edinburgh here. Obviously, Tiger's having an effect on that, which is amazing. Looking up the last few holes, and his name is top of the leaderboard. Gets everyone excited within the golfing world and beyond. So I'm going to finish seven or eight shots back, but there's one bloke I'm pulling for now.

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