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July 21, 2018

Kevin Chappell

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, you know, it's nice to find some form. It's no secret I haven't had the best year. Really just stayed patient and kind of stayed the course. It's nice to see some hard work showing itself here at a major championship.

Q. What was it that really clicked for you in the last couple weeks?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I made a coaching change. Started working with Sean Foley. Some of Sean's philosophical stuff has really hit home with me. He's obviously making me more efficient hitting it but more efficient mentally and understanding who I am.

Q. Have you had any moments yet where you didn't quite understand what he was talking about?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: There's lots of those, but we have a pretty open relationship and one that you just -- you have a question, you ask. I just try to be as vulnerable with him as I can and let him help me the most he can.

Q. Is a lot of what you guys are trying to focus on trying to take some pressure off your back? Because he has a pretty good track record of helping guys with that.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: You are spot on.

Q. How was the atmosphere out there today with Jordan? Obviously, you were playing pretty well as well.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: That was pretty special. It started out on the 1st hole, and Jordan knocking it on the green and making eagle, and me having to knock in an eight-footer after him was a cool moment. Just the whole day. The crowds are unbelievable. I know they're greeting him, The Open champion from last year, but you still can't help but get goose bumps yourself.

Q. When was the last time you played with him? Has it been a while?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: We played together maybe three out of four days in L.A. this year. It was obviously a much different situation. Our games were a little different. I think we were kind of middle of the pack. Still it's always fun to play with Jordan. He's a good friend and a great player.

Q. What's the biggest difference you notice in him from Riviera until now? Maybe just a confidence or an easiness about him?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: He's Jordan. You know what you're going to get with him. He's going to talk to his ball. He's going to be diligent. He's such a pro. He's a pro's pro. He's not going to waste shots. He's not going to make too many mistakes. I can learn a lot from him because of that.

Q. Is the way he putted it today, does it make you wonder why he's 175th in short games?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: No, he putted it great. I think the greens are rolling pretty good here. For the guys that play the PGA TOUR regularly and are used to kind of some faster greens, it's kind of comforting here knowing you can hit putts, get it to the hole and know it's not going to get too far past the hole and you're probably going to make the next one.

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