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July 21, 2018

Adam Scott

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

ADAM SCOTT: I don't think I played well enough to sit there and think I should have shot 64, but hopefully I don't lose too much ground to the lead. And making par on the last after being in trouble off the tee was good, because you just never know what might happen tomorrow. If it gets tricky or even if it doesn't, one really good round could go a long way.

Q. Was that layup on the last a little bit closer than you thought?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, about 50 yards closer, 40 yards closer than I was trying. I mean, it's just very hard to judge that. But I didn't hit it any harder, and I only hit it 10 yards short of the creek.

Q. But you changed clubs?
ADAM SCOTT: At first I was going to the green, but then I was committed to it, and I stood over the ball and remembered guys hitting it in the creek yesterday when I was watching on the telly, and I thought, if I do that, that's my tournament over probably. If I want to have a chance, I've just got to figure out a way to make a 4 here and a 5 at worst. So just chipped it down the fairway.

Q. How you're going to play tomorrow? Obviously, the weather conditions are going to be dependent?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, if it's windy. Either way, I have to have an amazing round to get myself in it. I don't know whether I want a lot of wind maybe. It could get trickier. But, yeah, look, I'm just going to have to find that great round of golf because they're probably going to finish about 10, I'd say, and that leaves me a fair bit of work to do.

But like we saw today through the first seven or eight holes, you can really put four or five on it and set yourself up, if you can survive the back nine. It's just tough, the back nine. It just doesn't give you much.

Q. Doesn't let up, does it?
ADAM SCOTT: No, it just doesn't give you much. It's hard to get it in all the fairways and hard to get it near the pins.

Q. Making 2 on 16 is almost like making 2 on the field today.
ADAM SCOTT: It is. I didn't hit that good a tee shot, but it trundled on up there. I finally got a putt to go. I putted nicely today. So that's feeling really good. You know, I'm going to need a few more lucky ones to go in as well. But it's not a bad spot. I can go out fairly long way in front of the leaders tomorrow and maybe get to the 9th as they're teeing off and have made up some ground.

Q. How far has your game progressed since you first arrived here, given, what a couple weeks ago now. How far has your game progressed from when you first got here to now?
ADAM SCOTT: I'd like to say it has, but I don't -- I mean, I came here, and I felt like I played a lot of really beautiful practise rounds here, and I haven't really struck it as well as I did in the practise rounds. But that's just tournament pressure and conditions and consequence out there.

But I think, from where it was at the U.S. Open, it's progressed a lot. Technically, it's much, much better. I'm seeing far less of the kind of bad shots that I was seeing there. My bad shots are just a bit mis-hit, they go pretty much down the line. But they were a bit sideways at the U.S. Open.

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