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July 21, 2018

Hunter Mahan

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Q. Hunter, 8-under, par 64. Excellent round today. If we can get some comments on your play.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, took advantage of the par-5s today and wedge shots; was able to stick them in close and make some birdies.

Got off to a good start, and finishing birdieing 17 and 18 obviously feels great. Hopefully have a chance tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, I was going to ask you to take us through those two holes.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, the wind was tricky all day. We had storms kind of flying all around us, so we had to pay attention to that. Actually didn't put myself in a great spot on 17, but hit a good wedge shot in there for 35 yards and a tap-in birdie.

Hit a great 6-iron on the last hole and had kind of a right center putt from about five feet.

Good way to end the day.

Q. You know how to win, Hunter. It's been a little while for you, but you know how to do it. I know it's a jam-packed leaderboard, but talk a little bit about having the juices flowing here going into the final round.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, it feels good. It feels good to be under the heat like this, under the fire. Just got to keep doing what I'm doing. It's jam-packed, but you still got to play golf and kind of let the chips fall where they may.

Seems like a tournament like this you're going to need all 18 holes.

Q. And if you could pinpoint one thing that has been working so well for you this week, what would it be?
HUNTER MAHAN: Been killing the par-5s I feel like, and a lot of two-putt birdies. Been able to get up there on the green and make a bunch of easy birdies and kind of stress-free rounds.

Par-5s short like this and able to attack, you got to take advantage or you're going to lose a lot of shots to the field.

Q. You got it going on the back side.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, played well all day. Played solid. Being able to stick it on 10 and take advantage of the par-5s this week was really important. I've been able to hit a lot of fairways. Fairway woods have been awesome.

Making a bunch of two-putt birdies is a good thing.

Q. I looked up and we had like seven guys tied at CheckAudio7-under, and now all of a sudden we got three at 18-under.

Q. It's like everybody is coming to 17, 18 and making it happen.
HUNTER MAHAN: 17 is a reach -- sort of reachable today with the wind. Soft conditions. You can be super aggressive. You don't have to worry about British Open bounces and having to account for that. So you can be aggressive to the flags, and if you put yourself in the fairway, you're putting your hand on the ball, you can be aggressive to these holes.

They put some pins on some slopes, so you got to be careful where you want to come in from, but it's a fun course to play. It's going to come down to the wire, no doubt about it.

Q. Yeah. Even though you're in the lead, there are so many that are right there bunched together.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, a lead is a -- it's kind of a false word or leading you in the wrong direction because you're going to play so much golf tomorrow and there are going to be so many fluxes and you're going to need all 18 holes to try to pull away from these guys.

Q. With a big jumble like that, what's the mindset going into tomorrow?
HUNTER MAHAN: Just keep playing golf. I can tee off tomorrow and be 2-, 3-down. Just got to keep playing golf. Play to your strengths and be aggressive I feel like.

I feel like I'm swinging it great, so there is not a pin that I can't attack. If I get the speed of the greens a little bit better I can make some more putts.

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