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July 21, 2018

Davis Love III

Nicholasville, Kentucky

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I'm hitting it good. Hit a few bad drives and then a few in that wind coming in trying to hit them under the wind. I hit a few squirrely ones too far to the right.

No, I'm hitting it solid. Matt caddied for me last week and we figured out that I was hitting it too far sometimes, believe it or not, with irons.

So we switched balls. I think I was guiding it a little bit. I would hit one too far and I would be careful and I wouldn't hit it far enough. So as this week has gone on I've got more and more confidence with the irons.

Q. So what did you change to?
DAVIS LOVE III: I switched to a new one when I came back from my hip surgery. It felt good when I came back. Felt like it was going a long way.

As I've hit it better and better seemed like it was going too far. It was like a higher flight than I'm used to, so went back to one with a lower flight.

Q. So Pro V1?
DAVIS LOVE III: Pro V1, left dot. But it's just like the new Pro V1 really.

Q. Got the round kickstarted with the eagle on 6. Take us through that hole.
DAVIS LOVE III: I keep hitting it too far up the left, and I was in the first cut of rough. Hit it a real good 5-iron and it must have landed in the fringe and bounced up there, which out of the rough I didn't have much chance to fly to the hole.

But got a good bounce there. Apparently the fans kind of went jumping up and down, so something good must have happened. I never found a ball mark, and Jonathan and I were -- his ball hit and stopped and my ball ran up to the hole. I was in the rough so mine ran up to the hole; had an easy putt there.

I hit a lot of good, solid shots that didn't really get close to the hole. That one luckily got to the hole.

Q. So you went back to an old ball kind of and a new driver?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, yeah. The driver has been pretty good. Made a couple bad swings, and the worst drive I hit really wasn't that bad. Hit the tree and rocketed way over to the right on 15. That's where Dru was this morning. I saw him on ShotTracker. I was like, How in the world did his ball get over there?

Now I know how it got over there.

Q. Nice one to finish up with there on the last.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. We chipped in the first day on 4, and I got over there and Jonathan chipped it up and it spun real nice and stopped right by the hole.

I said, Well, if I just hit a good chip, it will spin a little bit and run right into the hole. Chip it in like we did on 4. I hit a good one; went right in the middle.

Q. Think it was good to get to rest today?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, that was the plan, except I got up and brought my father-in-law out here and watched Dru tee off. Then I brought my sister-in-law and Robin out to catch him at the turn.

My intention was to go back and nap and rest but I watched him make the turn. Did some extra stuff in the fitness truck early this morning. Tomorrow I can sleep in, though.

Q. Last thing I need: You're three back right now if these guys that are finishing up don't get too far ahead. You're right there tomorrow. Just comments on the final round.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I hope they don't get too far ahead, but they got a lot of birdie holes coming in, too. I feel like I'm getting better every month. Like since I started all the way back at Valspar, I feel like every month I'm getting better. I'm just excited to be playing and in the mix. I got in the mix a little bit at Colorado in the Senior Open, so nice to play around the lead a little bit.

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