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July 20, 2018

Brandon Stone

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Presidents Cup, I was wondering how much of that was kind of on your mind, especially moving into 2019, if it's kind of in your radar right now.
BRANDON STONE: Haven't even thought about it.

Q. You haven't?
BRANDON STONE: No. I'm brutally honest, this is the first real instance that someone's really brought it up. Yeah, obviously, it would be tremendous to make that team, to be part of Ernie's first captaincy would be fantastic. I've got a long history with him. Hopefully, I can pull the wins off to make that squad quite comfortably.

Q. How long have you known him?
BRANDON STONE: Since I was born. My dad was a professional golfer in South Africa, and they turned pro around the same time. When I was in nappies running around the clubhouse, he used to grab me every now and then and give me a chocolate bar or something like that. So the relationship is quite strong.

Q. Is it something that you're not thinking of simply because you're so far back in the World Rankings or just because you're starting out?
BRANDON STONE: Just, I mean, it's -- what, is it a year?

Q. Yeah, it's a year.
BRANDON STONE: So far away, and this game could change so quickly. You could think, ten days ago I was worried about keeping my card on the European Tour, and now I'm being asked about the Presidents Cup. Shows you how much it can change in ten years, imagine a year.

Q. I was asking you because you've got two other South Africans right up there, they're at the top of the leaderboard, so it's pretty impressive. It's kind of like a young group of guys, almost like with the Americans. Do you see that parallel?
BRANDON STONE: Of course. I think obviously South Africans have a fantastic golfing climate, the weather is always great, and the courses are good. Obviously, the Golf RSA program that is in South Africa at the moment is starting to pay massive dividends. I think one of the boys won the junior open at St. Andrews this week. And Rebula is obviously the British Amateur champion.

We're seeing a number of young players coming through now that are looking to be world class, and I look forward to seeing them on Tour. In five, ten years, there could be 20, 30 South Africans on Tour. That would be a really special thing.

Q. Are you aware of the qualification changes that Ernie instituted?
BRANDON STONE: No, not even close.

Q. So how do you feel about the first two days and then especially going into the weekend?
BRANDON STONE: Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. Played great. Didn't hole any putts today, unfortunately, but hit the ball very nicely, very consistently. Any time that you hit the ball nicely, you're not going to walk off too disappointed. Hopefully tomorrow and the following day, I can hole a few more putts, and then we'll see where we stand.

Q. Are you surprised at all that you guys have done -- you're populating that leaderboard. You and -- Zander is like tied for the lead, I think.
BRANDON STONE: No, not at all. Zander is obviously an incredibly talented golfer. We've been playing golf closer to more than a decade. He's been playing nicely in the last two events. Also struggled towards the start of the season like I did. Seems like we're egging each other on with performances like he just did one in Ireland, and obviously I did well last week. So maybe it's his turn this week.

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