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July 20, 2018

Cameron Davis

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. How was the last hole? Did you make par, make birdie?
CAMERON DAVIS: Made a par. It was playing a bit tougher today, that's for sure. That was pretty good there.

Q. All in all, you're happy where you're at?
CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah. I mean, I just want to just know that I'm definitely playing the weekend. So I mean, we're just going to have to see how today plays out, whether the conditions get easier or not.

For the way I kind of felt like I was swinging down the last few holes, I didn't think I did too bad. But it would be nice to get a few more in today. I definitely played the first two-thirds of the round striking the ball and hitting some really good shots. So can't be too unhappy about that.

Q. Looked like it was a tough day from the tee?
CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, it's been so firm and dry, obviously, and we've been getting used to having the balls rolling out, and all of a sudden the ground is really wet, and the ball is rolling a little bit shorter. So it's been a bit hard to figure out what clubs to hit off the tee.

I think we did a pretty good job of that, just hit a couple of weak shots toward the end of the round. But for the most part, I held it together fairly well.

Q. What happened with the double?
CAMERON DAVIS: Which one was that? That was 10. I had a bit of a weird lie in the rough on the left-hand side. I tried to stop the club face from flipping over in the rough, which is easy to do, and I ended up doing a little bit too much and put it in the right bunker.

Every time I was in the bunker today, it just dropped over the lip and it was on a severe downslope. Landing on the downslope, I thought I had enough room to hit the ball on the green, but it kept rolling and rolled on the wrong side and putted it back up to a couple of feet. I missed a couple of short putts today, putts that were right to left and just didn't move. I should know by now that short putts aren't really moving that much out there. I overrode a couple of short ones, which hurt, but at the same time, it hasn't been too bad.

Q. When you get comfortable, you could surely go at (inaudible), can't you?
CAMERON DAVIS: I need to see what the leaderboard is like. I just never take these things for granted. I've been in this position before and watched someone go past me. And I've been in this position before and everyone dropped back. I just have to wait and see and try to take my mind off it as much as I can, keep myself busy this afternoon. We're just going to have to see how it goes at this point.

Q. It looks like rain is going to stop at lunch time. There might be some wind come after that.
CAMERON DAVIS: It's out of my control now. If I worry about it, I'm just going to stress myself out more than I need to. I'm just going to try and take my mind off it and relax. At the end of the day, hopefully get a buzz on my phone saying my tee time is something, which it doesn't really matter what time it is.

Q. If you are, say, six, seven back, does that give you hope you can make a weekend challenge?
CAMERON DAVIS: The leaderboard is so bunched right now, and I know from having one of those rounds where I stay out of the bunkers, keep striking well off the tee, keep them on the green, they can't -- they've used up a lot of the tough pin locations already. I'm not sure they're going to keep putting them back in the same spots. But I have a feeling a lot of the holes that have been playing difficult will play a lot easier. You just never know out here. If you keep the ball out of trouble and you've constantly got 20-footers, the break is so little that firm putts just on the edge of the hole is pretty much all you have to deal with. I feel like you're going to make a fair few, especially if you keep on having opportunity after opportunity, which is what I'm trying to get myself.

I've been close. I made a lot of birdies. I unfortunately had a couple too many doubles to be right at the top, but I feel like the good golf is there, just the mistakes need to go away.

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