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July 19, 2018

Jon Rahm

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Did you feel your strategy of attacking the course paid off? You were pretty aggressive, were you, out there?
JON RAHM: You tell me. Did it work?

Q. It looks like a good score.
JON RAHM: Yeah, well, I would say it was pretty successful. It's not like -- besides the driver on No. 3, I don't feel like I was overusing the driver. It's just there's some holes where the rough is so thin that if you can carry a certain distance, it's almost as bad as driving. If you're in the rough, you have a wedge in. And if you're on the right side of the rough, you actually have an easy shot to make it certain yards away. I don't think I could have played any better off the tee really. We're all going to miss shots, but for the most part, it was pretty good.

Q. You'll probably stick with that strategy going forward, lots of driver?
JON RAHM: Well, it all depends where the pin positions are. When you get to the tee, you look at the pin position, you look at the wind, and sometimes it's worth it to hit driver, sometimes it's not. Probably unless we have a back right pin, I won't be hitting driver again on No. 3 because it's not worth it. There's too many bad spots to go to that the risk is higher than the reward. But there's a number of other holes where I didn't hit driver today, but maybe I will. You never know.

Q. Did you have a plan going in? Did your plan change at all with any change in wind?
JON RAHM: More than a plan, I had an understanding of when I could hit driver. Adam and I talked, we had talked that when the pin is back left and back right, and the wind is down, and the driver, if you could carry it 300 yards, it's beneficial. There was a grandstand there and like a teeny tiny lift on the left side of the green. If you can carry the line, and if goes along the tee to the back pin, I have an easy shot. If I miss it way right, I have another easy shot with plenty of green to work with. If you lay up, you have pretty much no room to stop it to that pin. So it seemed worth it to hit driver to just give myself the best opportunity possible, and I never expected to hit it 20 feet for eagle, but that's kind of the way I thought of it.

Like I said, we just know what holes we can hit driver on, we know what lines we have to it. It just depends where the pin is at the moment.

Q. What's the exact carry?
JON RAHM: The carry, I don't know exactly because we were a couple up, and I don't know how much the slope is. It's about 300, 310 yards, something like that.

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