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July 19, 2018

Kevin Na

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. This golf course, do you feel like the ball is never going to stop rolling?
KEVIN NA: It's amazing, like downwind 350 yards, is the driver going to get there? It does. Guys have hit it like 380. It's amazing how much it rolls. There's almost no grass out there. Just going forever. But the greens are somewhat softened. I can't imagine if they were like the fairways.

Q. Is it hard to get a good strike when there's so little grass?
KEVIN NA: It's really easy to hit it thin because the ball's -- it's almost like you don't get that cushion, and it's easier to hit it thin.

Q. So was there a couple shots out there today where you just hit crazy yardages with short clubs?
KEVIN NA: No. I hit some drivers that went pretty -- I hit a 3 wood when I'm at like 330.

Q. What hole is that?
KEVIN NA: 15. I don't have it in my book. It went a long way, like at least 330. It hit a nice draw in the wind, little hint of help, and it went out there 330.

Q. Are you getting nervous when you see it still going?
KEVIN NA: My eyes are not that good. I look at Kenny's face. Okay, what is it? I hit one out of bounds today with an iron. It was in the right rough on -- par 5 is 5, or is it 6?

Q. Yeah, 6.
KEVIN NA: 6. So bad tee shot to the right. It was kind of in the rough, almost like a small plant almost. The lie was decent. The pin was to the right of the bunker in front, so I'm trying to go down the left edge of the green. This might turn over a little bit. Make sure you hold on to it. I tried and it ran and it wasn't even close. It was like 20 yards out of bounds. Made double there. It was actually a good double. Besides that, I played really good. Putted really well.

Q. That's bad luck when something like that happens in the rough.
KEVIN NA: If you didn't hit it in the rough, that wouldn't have happened.

Q. But in general, the rough's not that penal, right?
KEVIN NA: Most shots are fine. It's hard to control the distance. But most spots, it hasn't been bad. There's definitely spots out there that are bad, but, obviously, if you just stay out of the fairway bunkers, then you're doing just fine.

Q. Were you surprised how receptive the greens are?
KEVIN NA: A little bit, compared to the fairways. They're still firm. The short iron is still releasing. Long iron has no chance of holding. But compared to the fairways, yeah.

Q. Is it hard to kind of make that adjustment when you're watching the ball bounce and run so much, but into the hole, it's --
KEVIN NA: I kind of like it because I think, if the greens were just as firm as the fairways, I think it would be ridiculous.

Q. What is the hardest choice for you out there off a tee today?
KEVIN NA: So some of the holes, it's like you try to squeeze in -- I mean, every hole, you hit a short bunker, squeeze in between the bunker, or try overpowering and fly the bunker? Some holes it's better off to take the bunker out of play and hit it hard and let it fly, and if you get in the rough, big deal. But some holes you can't do anything about it but hit it shorter.

Q. Is there one hole that you really today with the wind or whatever, you had to really think about?
KEVIN NA: Just about every hole. Obviously, that par 5 6, everybody gets on the tee, what do I do today? I went down the right.

Q. With a driver?
KEVIN NA: With a driver. Hit a good drive just into the rough. I thought I'd catch a flier into the rough. Tried to hit a 2 iron up to the green and ended up 45 yards short. And then I actually got it up and down for a birdie. Made like a 25-footer.

Q. How about on 16? How short did you land of the short par 3?
KEVIN NA: Oh, my God. I'm trying to land on the front part of the green, and the pin is almost 40 on. Is it 40 on? Yeah, I hit a great 3 iron, probably just on the front part of the green. It was made two, three yards short of pin high but in the left gully, which is a great spot. Because anything on the left side of the green rolls off left. Anything on the right portion of the green rolls off right, and it's 250 yards.

Q. How weird is it to have a par 3 where you're playing for 40 or 50 yards a roll?
KEVIN NA: I made like a 4, 4 1/2, 4-footer up for a par. And David Duval looks at me and goes, "That's a nice birdie."

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