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July 18, 2018

Rosalyn Durant

Atlanta, Georgia

ROSALYN DURANT: Thank you. Good afternoon. The story of SEC Network is a story of evolution. It's been said that you cannot evolve unless you are willing to change. So let's just look at this past season.

We push the envelope in our studio programming and continue to innovate in our coverage of all things SEC. Last fall, we launched a new football studio show "Thinking Out Loud," with our own Marcus Spears and Greg McElroy. Football as we all know is full of fun and fanfare and Marcus and Greg definitely brought that every Monday night. We are looking forward to season two.

In the spring, we introduced "Rally Cap" showcasing SEC softball and baseball from our own clubhouse and introduced homecoming with Paul Finebaum telling the stories of famous SEC alumni and their life-long connections to the schools that helped shape them.

We proudly presented "Breaking the Barrier," our Black History Month special celebrating the pioneers who paved the way for the SEC that we know today. There were stories of scholars, stories of champions. And there were stories of leaders.

In a time when the SEC was front and center on the national football college stage, SEC Network delivered live from sets in Pasadena and New Orleans as well as our studio in Charlotte with 16 analysts providing more than 30 hours of live programming surrounding the College Football Playoff semifinals.

And for an all SEC National Championship game, we took viewers on the field and behind the scenes with 20-plus hours of live coverage in what was arguably the most in-depth SEC inside episode in our history.

"SEC Now" with had on-sight presence the conferences men's and women's basketball tournaments, baseball and softball tournaments, and men's and women's college world series. We also presented live coverage of an additional eight conference championships.

It has been an incredibly exciting year to be a member of the SEC Network family for all of these reasons and those that Commissioner Sankey highlighted in his Monday address and many more. But we're now looking forward, forward to what is still to come. As we've shared over the past week, we are thrilled to have Paul Finebaum, Marcus Spears and Laura Rutledge on SEC Network for several more years, and we will add new commentator teams to our football coverage this fall.

Dave Neely, Neil, D.J. Shockley, and Don Davenport will team up on afternoons as well as Taylor Zarzour,

Matt Stinchcomb and Kris Budden covering games together. We're excited to welcome back our SEC Saturday night team of

Tom Hart, Jordan Rodgers and Cole Cubelic.

We have a jam-packed fall with our SEC storied series debuting three new films, "Stacy's Gift" on Arkansas golfer Stacy Lewis. There's "Scrambling Fran" on Georgia's Fran Tarkenton and "By Grantland Rice" on the legendary sports writer.

Here's a quick preview of what you can look forward to.

(Video played.)

ROSALYN DURANT: Pretty good, right? Our ESPN films colleagues John Dahl and Chris Mitchell are here with us in Atlanta filming for a new project that was announced earlier this year, "Saturdays in the South, a History of SEC Football." We are thrilled to spearhead this exciting project which will be part of CFB 150, the national celebration of college football's 150th anniversary. Please take a look.

(Video played.)

ROSALYN DURANT: Now, you cannot possibly watch that without getting excited because it's going to be amazing.

Speaking of exciting, finally, for now, we are excited about another new show debuting this fall produced in partnership with ESPN the Magazine's Wright Thompson and three-time James Beard Foundation Award winner John T. Edge.

On behalf of all of us at SEC Network, we thank you for your coverage. We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional partnership with the SEC and eagerly anticipate what is going to be another spectacular season. Thank you.

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