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July 17, 2018

Alex Bregman

Washington, D.C.

THE MODERATOR: Alex Bregman, MVP presented by Chevrolet. Congratulations.

Q. What did you see in the at-bat in the 10th? You're 2-2. What did you see and do you know when Springer came up he was going to follow?
ALEX BREGMAN: I took a cutter down the middle of the first pitch and kind of went into battle mode and just was trying to put a line drive in play, and it left the yard it. It was crazy. It was a lot of fun.

Normally when we go back-to-back, I have to hit it after Springer does because he leads off it, so it was pretty cool to see him go back-to-back. I think George Springer is going to be hot for the second half now, the back-to-back push.

Q. Your first time at Nationals Park, Home Run Derby last night and tonight, big home run and MVP award tonight. Do you like Nationals Park?
ALEX BREGMAN: I better because my dad's from here. Just to have my family here, it was really special, a dream come true. Just to be able to hang out with guys like Trout and Judge and Betts and just be able to pick their brain and talk the game with them for two days, and to be able to play, compete in the Home Run Derby. It's something I've watched every year, growing up as a kid. That was really special. I know my family had a lot of fun watching it.

Then today, to be able to be on the field, let alone be able to hit the go-ahead homer is, I don't know, I'm on Cloud 9.

Q. What is it about big moments that you seem drawn to? Seems like you enjoy the bigger moments more than anything else.
ALEX BREGMAN: I don't know, I think it's fun. I like competing. I like going head-to-head; the best man win.

I feel like I've been in those situations a lot in two years, and I failed them probably just as much as I've succeeded in them. But I think that the times you fail in those moments, it gets you better for the next time you're in that situation.

Just try and learn, and to do it today was cool.

Q. You mentioned your dad was from here. Does your family have ties to Washington baseball?
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, my grandfather was the general counsel for the Washington Senators, and my dad grew up on Ted Williams's lap. So to see Ted Williams Most Valuable Player on this trophy is pretty special. He showed me a picture of Ted Williams and him -- how old were you, eight years old, five years old -- and Ted signed it for him.

I looked at that picture for ten years growing up and my dad was like -- our only thing, growing up, my dad always told me, "You've got to be the next guy to hit .400 in the big leagues" always. I think if anyone is going to do that, it might be Altuve.

Q. You're in your second full big league season. Do you feel like you've settled into a routine of preparation? In college, you prepared off the charts, and you were doing a lot into the night, into the early morning. Do you feel like you've settled into a day-to-day routine that's really got you in a way to prepare for the grind of a major league season?
ALEX BREGMAN: I think you continue to learn every off-season and learn what you need to do, and you learn what you need to do before the games to get ready.

I feel like once you stop learning, you're done. So I feel like Brian McCann has played 14 years in the big leagues; a million Silver Sluggers, a bunch of All-Star Games, and he's still in the video room every day trying to get better.

I feel like I have gotten into a routine that's worked this year, so far, and hopefully stick to it and continue to improve it.

Q. Who were you most excited to meet in the AL clubhouse when you got here, and what did you learn from the guys, like the Trouts and the Bettses and the Judges that you went and asked questions of, and what did you learn from them?
ALEX BREGMAN: I get to play against Trout in our division and get to play against Betts and J.D and get to play against Ramirez and Lindor and all the guys in there. And to be able to be in the same room, just talk to them, ask them -- whether it's their approach at the plate, what they think on fastballs away versus fastballs in; honestly, just what does Mike Trout think, because he's on another planet.

Just being able to talk to those guys and figure out what they try and do at the plate, it's incredible. It's a great learning experience, and I feel like being able to talk to Chris Sale and talk to Greg Kimball and talk to J.A. Happ and figure out what they try to do to get hitters out can also help.

Thanks, guys.

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