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July 15, 2018

Thidapa Suwannapura

Toledo, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome the champion of the Marathon Classic, Thidapa Suwannapura, into the interview room. Tell us about your win today.

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: When you start playing on tour, the first couple years you're fresh. You're like a rookie, and you just go out there and play golf. But since you keep continue playing and more and more every year, the belief in yourself is really important to keep you up there, because the more missed cut it is, or you feel down, feel tired. It just means a lot for me to believe in myself more and more. Especially after this week, I feel like I am good enough to be out here.

THE MODERATOR: A couple years ago you didn't even think that you were going to play golf again. Can you talk about the injury and the process it's been for you to come back here?

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: In 2015 I had my back, a piece of it was broken. So I had big surgery on my back, on my spine. So the doctor was really good. He's in Virginia. So he said after surgery you'll be better or back like after four months. So I was like, oh, yeah, sounds nice.

But in that time, to be honest, I didn't think I'd be able to play golf again because it's a big surgery and it's really dangerous. And I was thinking, oh, what should I do if I don't play golf? But, I mean, after that I came back, practiced, and tried to play golf again. I had a medical year, and just kept working hard, and now I'm grateful to be out here.

THE MODERATOR: With your win, also, you've qualified for the British Open. What does that mean for you?

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: That's such a bonus for me, I think. I just picked the right tournament, right time, right week. Everything is just good timing. You know, shoot (Indiscernible) something like that. I'm really happy about it.

Q. When you finished, did you think 14-under was going to be low enough to possibly be in a playoff? Who were you with and what were you doing during that?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: To be honest, I did not think or expect that 14 would be good enough, because I know there were two par-5s coming in on 17 and 18, and it's a good opportunity for them to make birdie. I was just chilling in the clubhouse, you know, being silly and stuff, trying to relax, just watching the Golf Channel and see what they're doing. Now, like, oh, I have to go warm-up and try to win the tournament (laughing).

Q. I have to ask, in 2015 you thought about doing something else. Sounds like you made the right choice. But what was your thought, what were you thinking?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: To be honest, at that time I was not being so serious. I'm a pretty creative person. I like to write -- you know, plan out what I'm going to do, either a coach, or business, a lot of things going in my head. But nothing serious because after the surgery for four months I'm already ready to go back and hit balls and play golf. But at that time I was like, oh, am I going to be able to play golf again or not. I had that feeling.

Q. You mentioned you didn't know if that would be a win in the clubhouse. Some people might say, oh, Brittany gave it away. She shot 65. What would you say to people who said Brittany gave it away?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I think it's just everybody tries their best out here. You know, the golf course is not that easy. You know, she tried her best. I tried my best. I just feel like today the luck was on my side. I'm just happy about it. I didn't think -- she tried her best as a golfer.

Q. You started three shots back; was it stress-free for you?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Stress? Oh, not that stressful, I think. Like I said, I didn't expect anything. I'm just trying to be out here playing golf and doing my best. For some reason my score was good enough to be out there. I just tried my best to make birdie at every single hole. I had an opportunity out there, and just do my best.

I was hoping to be top 5, actually. You know, when things are going your way, you just have to keep going and do it.

Q. IK won this tournament last year at 21-under. And when Brittany came on to No. 18 and hit that putt, what was going through your mind at that time when you discovered you were going into a playoff round?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I was so excited. You know, I always feel bad that Brittany Lincicome didn't make the putt, but at the same time that's an opportunity for me to maybe win the tournament. So I was just going out there, and just try my best out here. However it's going to go, my way or not, I just have to try my best.

Q. You now have qualified for the British Open over at Aberdeen, and next week there is a tournament down in Kentucky. But now you have a week to think about going to Scotland. Which a week ago you weren't sure if you were going to Scotland. What's going through your mind right now?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: My original plan would be the Scottish Open anyway through LET. So I'm already in for that tournament. I already have my flight and everything. So I was just hoping I could have that five spot this week and be no more stress, and just go out there and enjoy golf, and I did.

But, if not, then I have another chance to be top three on the Scottish Open to get in, or the Monday before. So I'm just so, so lucky I got in. I don't have to worry about anything now.

THE MODERATOR: You are joining the Jutanugarn sisters in the winner's circle. The third winner this year from Thailand. What do you think this win means for the future generation of golfers coming up in Thailand?

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I think that if you try you can be out here and enjoy the game and believe in yourself and you're a good player and good enough to be here, anybody can. Anybody can do it.

THE MODERATOR: I think we're all wondering, what are you going to do now to celebrate your win?

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I think I have to run to the airport and try to catch a flight.

Q. Are you planning to make any big purchases?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Oh, I'm not sure yet. But I don't even know how much I earned until I see the sign. To be honest, I didn't think about the money at all. I just tried my best. To win is great.

THE MODERATOR: I think you have some time to think about it on the flight.

THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Right, but I have to catch the flight (laughing).

THE MODERATOR: All right. Well, congratulations.

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