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July 2, 2018

Cameron Norrie

Wimbledon, London, England

A. BEDENE/C. Norrie

4-6, 7-6, 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Bearing in mind you've been professional for 14 months, how does today's defeat rank in terms of disappointment?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think I handled the occasion a lot better than I did last year. I think I've grown a lot over the last year as a player.

But, no, I think I played well, and he just played more clutch than me in both tiebreaks, was more aggressive, and showed his experience today.

But, no, I'm happy with the way I competed and played today.

Q. Did you feel in the tiebreak, it was just experience?
CAMERON NORRIE: No, I think he just served better than me in both tiebreaks. He missed one first serve I think in both of them. Yeah, the double-fault was just one point, so it wasn't that major anyway.

But, no, yeah, he played great in both tiebreaks. I had a couple of chances. I had a chance in the fourth set to break early on, didn't take that. He was very, very solid, a little bit more aggressive than me to finish the match.

Ultimately I'm happy, like, no regrets from today.

Q. You must have been hanging around waiting to get on a court. I don't know if you expected a different court. You ended up on 14.
CAMERON NORRIE: No, I wasn't really too worried. A court is a court. Same thing.

But, no, first time for me kind of having that schedule, not knowing the court I was on. I knew I was playing around 5:30. It wasn't, like, too much stress at all.

Q. Was there somebody in the crowd that was kind of irritating you? You seemed to be reacting to something.
CAMERON NORRIE: No, no. It's all good. I think I was just trying to find an excuse to myself (smiling). But, no, no, it was fine.

Q. Would you do anything differently if you could replay the match again, any particular points?
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, as I said, no regrets really. I played aggressive when I needed to. He just came up more clutch than me. I went aggressive on some second-serve returns, and it didn't quite pay off.

I think if I want to be a better player, I want to transition into a better player, then I have to be aggressive. I think I'm happy to lose today, then maybe make quarters or something in the future. I think going for those cuts, making those sacrifices now is going to allow me to build as a player, just be more comfortable in those moments when I've got more experience as a tennis player.

Q. What happens next? Back to the States again? Maybe a small holiday. Chance to go to Scotland at all?
CAMERON NORRIE: I'll try to get the doubles title first. Yeah, I don't know really. We'll see how the doubles goes. I'll play it by there. Be nice to get to Scotland. It's looking unlikely right now.

Q. Who do you play with the doubles?
CAMERON NORRIE: Jay Clark. Doubles starts Wednesday, Thursday. I'll play one of those days.

Q. Then off to America after that?
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah. I'm going to do a little training week at my old university with my coaches there, then Atlanta, Los Cabos, then the Masters, the US Open. Decent little stint leading up.

Q. You know the conditions there, hard court is basically what you know the best.
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I think that's probably my peak time for me. I love the hard courts. Move really well on them. I think it's going to be -- I'm going to be pretty dangerous over those bunch of tournaments.

Q. Compared to where you were 12 months ago, what are you most pleased with?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think my serve has come on quite a lot. I think just my attitude, just staying competitive with these guys. Yeah, I mean, just really never giving up. I think that's kind of what I live by. I mean, I want to keep building my game. I think I can improve my serve and my volleys a lot more than what they are right now.

I think just taking care of the mental side of the game is my number one priority. I think I'm doing a decent job with that. Just with years to come, then my tennis will just progress. I've got to put in some more hard work, I think.

Q. This is the second time you played Wimbledon. Is this still everything you expected as a tournament?
CAMERON NORRIE: It's so special coming here. There's so much tradition here. It's such a special tournament. But I think this year I was a little bit more chilled out. I was a little bit less stressed than I was leading into last year's tournament.

But, no, it is such a special tournament. Especially since I'm living here, I'm based here. It's a home event for me. I had the crowd on my side today. It feels more normal than it did last year. Just really grateful to play at one of the best tennis venues in the world.

Q. What was so stressing about last year?
CAMERON NORRIE: I mean, I was pretty rushed. I was first on on Monday against Tsonga. It was over pretty quickly. Not stressful, it was more just a little bit overwhelming. Wimbledon, I was playing on a big court, playing Tsonga...

But, no, I think I dealt with everything a lot better this year.

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