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July 3, 2018

Gabriella Taylor

Wimbledon, London, England


6-0, 4-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did you find the whole experience playing out there?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: I thought it was amazing, incredible experience to, you know, have the opportunity for the first time in my life to play out here at Wimby in my first main draw Grand Slam. It was incredible experience, and today was just -- it was a tough loss, but, you know, I'm very happy with the home crowd support of me out there. It was great.

Q. Obviously really tough first set for you.

Q. I saw you looking at 5-Love down, and at change of ends, what were you thinking at that point?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: To be honest, truthfully, I struggled with my serve in the first set, and that's one of the most important aspects in tennis and in matches, especially on the grass. Serve and return is key.

She played the better tennis in the first set. I think I'm happy that I kept my head down and managed to switch the situation well in the second set. It's not always easy, obviously, losing at nil, but I'm happy how I managed to progress from that, yeah.

Q. I was sitting near some of your team and they were saying that they felt you looked a bit tight. Obviously as a British player, first time here, totally understandable if the nerves were there. Were you nervous?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Well, I think in any case it can happen, and for every British player, you know, there is a little bit of pressure, you know, to do well.

But I think today I tried to keep my head down, and I tried not to get nervous. I know I had good nerves before the match, but as I said, I think my serve really struggled there in the first set, which, yeah. Yeah.

Q. What can you take away from learning to play a player like that, Grand Slam finalist?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Yeah, there is a lot of positive things to take from this match. I know Genie has a lot more experience than me, and, you know, getting to finals of Wimby was a really amazing achievement from her.

I think, yeah, today she had a lot more experience than me in the third set to close it, but I'm very happy with my performance and how I managed to switch the situation and actually get to that third set. I think I did very well in that case, and, yeah, nothing more I can say.

Q. How did you find her afterwards? What did she say to you?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: No, she just said, "Well done." No, not "Well done." Sorry, sorry. God, I'm at a loss for words.

No, like how every player says at the net. "Good match." That's all really. I said, "Well done." The other way around.

Q. I read about you that you're half Bulgarian. You have been there. What do you remember about that country?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Yeah, I spent a lot of time in Bulgaria in my childhood times, and I have a lot of memories from there. I had previously trained a bit there every time I was going out to see my grandparents, obviously Bulgarian and my mom's Bulgarian. So it's nice. I feel like I have support from there, too. So that helps me a lot.

Q. Few people in Bulgaria know about you. Do you know Bulgarian, I suppose?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Yeah. My grammar is not so great, but I understand everything. But, yeah, I choose to think in English and, you know -- yeah, it's great to have that support, as I said, from Bulgaria.

Q. Plovdiv?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Plovdiv, yeah. That's where my family is from. It's a beautiful place. But I'm missing it. Hopefully I can visit soon, so, yeah.

Q. I was wondering, obviously we have Katie Swan through to the second round. Will you be sticking around? And Jo Konta?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Yeah, of course. I have been showing a lot of support for her and I'm extremely happy for her to get the win yesterday.

I mean, I can just tell it's such an incredible feeling to get through and win your first Grand Slam main draw. She must be buzzing. Obviously I'm wishing her only the best for next-round match.

Q. Obviously a lot is made of the prize money that comes from playing in a Grand Slam. What do you intend to spend the prize money on?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: To be honest, I never really thought about the money. I think I'd definitely save it, and it will help me for traveling, and just that extra bit of help really helps with my tennis and playing, competing around the world. So, yeah.

Q. This must give you a taste for what Grand Slam life is like, you know, coming back next year maybe with a wildcard or a ranking?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Of course. Yeah, definitely one of my goals is next year to come back with my own ranking so I don't have to rely on a wildcard. Obviously I'm very thankful this year to have received that opportunity and, yeah, I'm looking forward to next year already. So, yeah.

Q. Will you be watching the World Cup match tonight?
GABRIELLA TAYLOR: Yes, definitely. Definitely. So, yeah.

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