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July 9, 2018

Su-Wei Hsieh

Wimbledon, London, England


6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You had a kind of close first set today, but it was somewhat decided or came down to that call at Love-30 in the tenth game. What did you make of the call at the time, and can you just talk us through it from your perspective.
SU-WEI HSIEH: For me is really normal. You always have some argument or something happen on the court, and I know if I don't go and talk to her and fight for this point it's Love-40, and I was not winning my serve, so I was, like, Oh, my God, I need to go there and try to talk to the chair umpire and try to ask her to ask the referee to come. I hope they're gonna give me this point to give me a chance to do a replay. Finally they did, so I was very happy. I have nothing to say about this.

Q. Cibulkova said in her press conference after the game, she felt it was unfair because the decision was changed. She didn't disagree necessarily that it was the right decision, but she thought once the decision was made it shouldn't change. What do you think about that?
SU-WEI HSIEH: Yeah, sometimes depends chair umpire. Sometimes if you don't get a referee to come on the court, then the decision is done. Once again, I was thinking, okay, what can I do? I lose all my serve, and it's 0-30, and this happen. Maybe I should go there and play the point 0-40.

But I know if I do this I will lose the game very quick, because 0-40 and you never win again on the match, on the first set. That's mean you have no chance to come back. I was try to talk to the referee a little bit.

Q. Were you a bit surprised by the lack of sportsmanship from Cibulkova?
SU-WEI HSIEH: No, I understand. You know, she's a fighter. She fight for every point. She hit the ball like -- I mean, every point she fight so hard. I understand she want to win. Like me, I want to win. I go and talk to the chair umpire.

Maybe she's tired and she don't see the ball. I understand. This is not the first time this can happen, because sometimes you have two bounce and the chair umpire they don't see it. It's very -- I mean, it's quite common, because even player on the court sometimes get tired and don't see something, it's normal.

Q. At the time she said that she thought you hit the ball in the net -- that's what she was saying to the chair umpire -- when we saw you hit the ball over. Do you think she just didn't see it, or...
SU-WEI HSIEH: Yeah, sometimes maybe you don't see it, because for me I just feel I put the ball inside the court. I was not sure how far my ball go in. So maybe she was not concentrate on my ball. She was concentrate on the court.

Q. Do you think the umpire should be allowed to just quickly look at a replay in that situation? If she had said...
SU-WEI HSIEH: They can look at the replay?

Q. No, if she was allowed to look at a replay, the umpire.
SU-WEI HSIEH: So you mean they can watch a TV for the replay?

Q. I'm saying do you think it would be a good idea if an umpire was allowed to look at a replay and say, Oh, yes, it went in?
SU-WEI HSIEH: It's like football (smiling)? Yeah, it's interesting, because, I mean, the chair umpire she make a big call, and looking everything, she's not gonna be perfect, I understand. It's not the easy job. Like I say, even I'm on the court, sometime make stupid stuff on the court, is normal.

So maybe -- yeah, maybe the TV replay is good and can help a little bit.

Q. Did it affect you mentally? You looked a bit emotional about it in the end.
SU-WEI HSIEH: Yeah, was a little bit -- no, just during the point where I have argument I was a little bit upset the referee, the linesman was not -- I mean, maybe I was thinking she should ask the linesman and maybe this is not in the rules. And I was a little bit upset she could not give the point to the girl because I was touching -- at least, because when you touch the ball, if you don't put ball over the net, sometime they can give the point to the girl.

And I put the ball inside the court, but only I saw it. And maybe linesman saw it, and I was, like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, she could not give the point to her and I almost gonna lose this first set. So, I was, like, oh, no -- I was in my little no, no, no, drama (smiling).

Q. If it had been the other way around, would you have said to Cibulkova, Yeah, you hit it over the net, let's play the point again?
SU-WEI HSIEH: I think I do that before maybe. But because everyone saw, you cannot -- I mean, sometime if she don't saw it, this is what happen. So I don't know. For me, if I saw it, I say, Yeah, replay the point. Because the lose (phonetic) is like this.

Q. Did you talk about it in the locker room with her afterwards?
SU-WEI HSIEH: Sorry, no, I was preparing for my doubles. I was eating and then doing something else.

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