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July 14, 2018

Iga Swiatek

Wimbledon, London, England


6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to be Wimbledon champion?
IGA SWIATEK: I don't know. I'm too overwhelmed. I don't feel it. I have to rest and then I will enjoy everything (smiling).

Q. You played a pretty good match. You must be very happy with the level you reached today.
IGA SWIATEK: Yes, it was great. I was scared that I will not do well because of the stress and the pressure. But I felt great on court.

I don't know, my serve was really good. I played very fast balls, so I'm happy with that.

Q. Do you believe you can play on grass now?
IGA SWIATEK: Yeah, right now I'm sure (laughter).

Q. What was the feeling when you walked out onto Court 1 with all the people, the applause, everything just as if it were a women's final?
IGA SWIATEK: It was great. I was thinking that this is why I play tennis, to make the show, to make people clap, to make them enjoy the game.

I don't know, I feel like that's my goal, to entertain, yeah.

Q. Did you realize you'd feel that good about it, that's how you would feel in front of a big crowd?
IGA SWIATEK: I think I learn it today. I didn't know about it. That's new for me.

Q. She said she was very tired. Could you tell that?

Q. Did you feel like you had more energy?
IGA SWIATEK: Yes. I mean, I think so. But at the end I was shaking. I was really tired at the end. She had three more matches, so... That's tough tournament for her.

Q. You're looking at the trophy like you couldn't believe your name was on it.
IGA SWIATEK: It was so pretty, yeah.

Q. Also had a big team with you. How many people? Your parents, coaches?
IGA SWIATEK: There was my dad, my sister, my friend, my uncle, three managers.

Q. Three?
IGA SWIATEK: Well, the one is not really a manager, but is easier to say. And two coaches.

Q. And the T-shirts, had you seen those?
IGA SWIATEK: Yeah, I didn't know about them. I saw that on match, I was just focused, don't think about it.

Q. What are your ambitions, next things you want to do in your career?
IGA SWIATEK: I think I want to build a better WTA ranking and to play senior tournaments. I hope I will do well next year in Wimbledon if I get a wild card to ladies singles. I can't wait.

Q. Will you play the US Open juniors?
IGA SWIATEK: No, I won't. That's my last junior tournament. I will play only Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

Q. Masters?
IGA SWIATEK: No, we don't think so.

Q. You just feel like you're ready to move on?
IGA SWIATEK: That's right. I play junior Grand Slam since 2016. I had a long time to play juniors. Now we had to take another step.

Q. You said the other day it's big news in Poland, that you weren't going to think about it. Can you think about it now?
IGA SWIATEK: I don't know. I just have to come back to my home and then I will have many interviews, I guess. I will feel it then. Right now I don't think my brain understand the tournament is the end, so... We will see.

Q. How will you celebrate?
IGA SWIATEK: I don't know yet. Well, there is a Wimbledon ball, so we will go there. That will be the best celebration. I don't know what we will do in Poland. I think we'll just focus on the next tournaments because I will play another next week -- not next week. I have a break and then two weeks later.

Q. Can you believe it, though?
IGA SWIATEK: I don't know. You have to ask me that question tomorrow or in two days (smiling).

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