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July 15, 2018

Thidapa Suwannapura

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Tremendous performance today. When you finished, did you think you would have a chance? The wait was over an hour.
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Pretty much I just chilled out and see how it is. I think the luck was on my side, and I just have to do it, you know, and make the win.

Q. It's been seven years of playing on the LPGA Tour, did you think this moment would ever come?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I never expect it was going to be today at all. I've just been struggling the whole year and tried to like keep my tour card and try my best. Finally all my work I've been doing has come out and shown up today.

Q. Very proud of your performance. Congratulations and good luck in ongoing tournaments.
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Thank you so much.

Q. Thidapa Suwannapura, winner of the Marathon Classic here at Highland Meadows. What a journey it's been. First-time win in your career. What was today like for you?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: After I knocked that last putt in, it just felt like a dream come true, you know? I've been waiting for this for a while, and I didn't think it was going to happen today, so I'll just keep trying my best and hopefully it comes out. And today is the day.

Q. What does this win mean for you?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: It means a lot. Especially my parents in Thailand. They're cheering for me. They're staying up all night just to watch the score and stuff. I mean, yeah, everybody in Thailand, I think, are waiting for this to happen.

Q. What was it like, how did you keep your nerves? How did you manage them playing against someone like Brittany Lincicome out there today?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Pretty much I just have to talk to my caddie. I know myself that you have to keep yourself checking like I'm tired. I know that my body is pretty tired. So all I do is just try my best on every shot and focus on my game.

Last hole I know that she's going to make par. I know that, so I just tried my best to make birdie, and that's it.

Q. How are you going to celebrate the win?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Oh, I haven't thought about it to be honest, but we'll see. I just have to catch a flight back to Virginia, and we'll do some party, maybe.

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