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July 15, 2018

Sandra Changjika

Toledo, Ohio

Q. What was working out there for you today?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: Sticking to my plan, my strategy for the golf course, and just executing when I got that birdie opportunity.

Q. What was the game plan coming into the week?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: Hit a lot of fairways, hit a lot of greens. If you're going to miss the fairway, miss it on to the correct side, so that I can still get to the green and just laying up to the right place. I think just about every day on 18 I've hit it into the right place.

Q. So what about this golf course really suits your game?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: I love that it's tree lined. You don't have to be a long hitter. I think it just suits everyone, long hitters, short hitters, low ball flight, high ball flight, I think it's fair for everyone.

Q. Now I think you are still waiting to be qualified for the British Open. So are you kind of keeping your fingers crossed for that?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: I'm actually not signed up for the British Open, not even as a qualifier.

Q. Is there a reason why?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: It's a lot of expense on my end, so without a sponsor, for me, it's hard to make plans to go to the British Open.

Q. What's your plan for the rest of the summer?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: Couple weeks off, and I'll be back for the Canadian Open and Portland.

Q. How are you going to prepare yourself? How are you going to spend your weeks off?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: I'm going to rest for the next week. Then just do a lot of practicing, tinker with some new wedges. I've needed to replace my wedges for quite some time, and I've got a new driver waiting to be put in the bag.

Q. How would you assess your season so far?
SANDRA CHANGJIKA: It's trending upward. Everything has been going along good. I've made small improvements each week or each time I've had a couple weeks off.

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