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July 14, 2018

Russell Knox

Gullane, Scotland

Q. A day when the course showed its teeth, how was the 66?
RUSSELL KNOX: Very good, especially I was 1-over through 7, and 8 was playing tricky. Even though I was 1-over through 7, I had not done anything wrong. Hit good shots. Just not holed the putts. All of a sudden, the thing heated up.

Q. Is the back nine the scoring nine today in this wind direction?
RUSSELL KNOX: This is links golf. It's amazing how different -- I hit 5-wood, lob-wedge into 1 the first day and hit driver, 6-iron today. It's just -- Gullane is showing its teeth today because like No. 2 was driver, short iron and today I hit driver, 3-wood. It's fun to play a completely different course and you just have to try and be prepared.

Q. After a second-place finish in France and a win last week in Ireland -- are you just going to go out and free wheel? It's been a great month?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I have nothing to lose everything and to gain. I'm just trying to enjoy my golf. Loving the way I'm swinging obviously. The putts are going in. I'm just trying to play with a smile on my face. It's funny, that seems to work.

Q. What about the opportunity tomorrow to win your own National Open in front of these fans, just how special would that be?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, obviously dream come true. Other than winning a major, this is right up there with the tournament you really want to win the most.

So we'll see. Obviously today is going to give me a chance tomorrow. So you just never know I guess.

Q. On fumes this week, how are you maintaining this high level of play?
RUSSELL KNOX: I don't know, really. But I feel great today. I wasn't tired. I slept like a king last night. Was able to least a little before my round. I feel good today.

Obviously playing well helps, but yeah, I'm delighted.

Q. A stronger win today compared to the first two days, what kind of adjustments did you make going into this third round?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, the course played completely different. At the start it played into the wind rather than down. You have to adjust on the fly. We had not seen this wind yet this week. Last time tournament was here, it was like this, so I felt like I had some experience.

It was cool. It was tricky. Some of the harder holes played easier today and vice versa, and I was able to do a decent job.

Q. What would a win here mean for you, having grown up in Inverness?
RUSSELL KNOX: Of course, winning your home Open is a massive goal. Watched Rory do it a few years ago in Ireland, which was cool.

We'll see. I'm obviously in decent position and I'm playing well, so I'm going to give it 100 per cent tomorrow.

Q. The wind picked up as you were making the turn, and might have got tricky, but you certainly made it look a bit easier out there?
RUSSELL KNOX: I played well today. I was happy. I felt good. The first few holes, I didn't hole any putts but the putter heated up like it has been for the last two weeks. Nice to see the ball go in the hole. I needed the round I had to give myself a chance for tomorrow.

Q. You said you struggled yesterday with feeling pretty tired, and still put together a very good round of golf, but how did you feel within yourself today?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I felt completely different today. I slept I think 11 hours and ate a huge breakfast and lunch. I was ready to go today. I didn't feel tired one bit today. Tomorrow will be the same, I'm sure, with a bit of adrenaline and the crowd cheering me on. I can't wait.

Q. This being your home Open, is this one perhaps you really, really want to get over the line tomorrow?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. Winning is really fun. Obviously I still haven't come down from winning in Ireland, so winning in Ireland and Scotland would be fun but that's a long way off yet. I have to hammer down and play my game tomorrow and hope I'm able to beat everyone.

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