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July 14, 2018

Trevor Immelman

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Third round of 68, assess your day for us today?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: The front nine, I looked like a real golfer. First hole is playing really hard today. Breeze has switched totally. So we've been hitting sort of a long iron and a wedge into No. 1. Today it's 3-wood and 7-iron, and I was ten yards short of the green. Made a nice up-and-down there and managed to get a birdie on 2 and I chipped in for eagle on 5 or 6 and something like that. Kind of got something going there. It was nice.

There's some real tough holes around the turn, two par 3s got me. To be honest, it's lack of skill that got me on both those holes because both those holes today, great par 3s, playing at about 175 yards, and if you want to get the ball on the green, you have to be able to cut it up into the breeze. And I didn't feel like I had that both of those occasions, and so I was trying to ride it in there, and this breeze is just too heavy. Both times the ball got going left, and so I bogeyed both the par 3s.

But other than that, I hung in there quite well.

Q. Been a while since you've been in contention. Were the emotions like you used to be when you were in your prime?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I was a lot meaner in my prime. I don't know if I have that anymore. It's quite interesting. Sort of been debating that with my wife over the last few years, wondering if I still have that streak in me that I think most great athletes have. They have that moment where they can really knuckle down and wipe out the opposition, so to speak. I don't know if I've got all of that left in there, but it sure was fun to get out there and feel like I was in the thick of it.

You know, if a couple more drops and I did better on the par 3s, I might be up near the lead. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe I get lucky and go out and shoot something in the mid 60s and see what happens.

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