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July 14, 2018

Marcel Siem

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Fantastic round?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I was really, really pleased. The putts didn't drop the first two rounds and fortunately today on the back nine, they started to drop. After the year I had, I'm delighted the way I finished the day.

Q. Obviously the wind has changed. How does that change the dynamic of the golf course, particularly in those coming-home holes?
MARCEL SIEM: It's even more important to hit the fairways, with the crosswinds, out of the rough, you have no chance to get it close. Plays longer. Course management is required all of a sudden. First two days you were literally hitting driver everywhere. It's good fun out there. It's good.

Q. What do you feel has been the main difference so far over the three days?
MARCEL SIEM: Just a little confidence boost. I found something in my swing. I had a few swing changes. Changed coach, as well, a few months ago. Started to click. Everybody knows, it's all about confidence in golf and you just have to believe in it. A few good shots and I start believing in it and I'm happy.

Q. How nice to go into Sunday in contention?
MARCEL SIEM: This is why I do this job and there's nothing better to see your name on the scoreboard and have the cameras around you and just be in contention. That's what I always dreamed of when I was a kid and it's just nice to be there now at the moment.

Q. You have a lot of frustrating days and we all have a lot of frustrating days, but that was one of the good days, wasn't it?
MARCEL SIEM: That was fantastic. It was really tough out there and my game, I was able to hold my game together. Hit really nice shots into the wind off the right, wind off the left. I think that's very important because holes go next to each other and both shots you have to be able to hit. It was great.

Q. The celebration on 18, not just relief in this round, but just how much a good finish in this tournament would mean in your season.
MARCEL SIEM: I think you see where I am in the rankings, it's very obvious that I'm quite a bit under pressure. I didn't have too many good days on the golf course this year, and I love the game so much, and sometimes this happens, and birdie the last as well in, front of the crowd, I love it. It's a lot of fun again and it's important that you enjoy your job somehow, you know, and that helps.

Q. Going into tomorrow, will you sleep well tonight or think about it tonight?
MARCEL SIEM: We have one little problem, we start really late tomorrow again, so it's going to be a lot of time to think about it. I'm just really enjoying where I am right now. I had so many frustrating days the last three years, and to be honest I'm just looking forward to chill out in the room. I'm staying at the renaissance resort we play next year. It's fantastic there, and speak to everybody, and just get a few shoulder claps, I think that's good, as well. I need a few of those, as well, and we see what happens tomorrow.

Q. How easy will it be to keep a cool head tomorrow going into that final round?
MARCEL SIEM: I never have a cool head. That's the problem. I'm always excited. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn't. But I have to control it, you know, and my driver is really working well and I'm hitting a lot of fairways. So I think if I do that tomorrow, I shouldn't get in too much trouble and we'll see what happens.

Q. What have you been working on with Hugh Marr?
MARCEL SIEM: Lots. It's a different approach in my game, and he's a super nice guy. I think mentally, he helped me, as well. And he makes -- he made a few things easier for me now. I know where the clubface is again, which is the main thing for me all my life. I played golf knowing where the clubface is, and I last it the last three years, and all of a sudden you hit you think you hit a straight one and it draws, or you think you hit a fade and it goes straight. So I know exactly where the clubface is and it's just a rhythm.

Q. Are you the type of player that needs a coach, not just a coach, but someone you get on with?
MARCEL SIEM: It's important. I think hue and I became pretty quickly friends and just having dinners. He's so positive. I needed that in that stage where I was. It was pretty down. I didn't really know how to do the stuff on the range and get my game back on track; thanks for that.

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