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July 14, 2018

Juli Inkster

Chicago, Illinois

THE MODERATOR: Juli Inkster shot a 5-under round today. Great round. Talk first about the eagle on 18.

JULIE INKSTER: Well, I hit driver, 6-iron, and made about a 20-foot putt, so it was a nice way to end. I kind of missed a couple on 16 and 17, but nothing I could do about it, so I just tried to really -- tried to make eagle, and if I don't, make birdie, and see what happens tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Heading into tomorrow, obviously Laura has a five-shot lead. Talk about your mentality tonight and tomorrow.

JULIE INKSTER: Well, she played really well. She putted amazing, and she hit her irons good. She's going to be tough. I mean, she's playing well. I just need to make some putts, some more putts. There's nothing I can do about it. I feel like I drove the ball great today. Maybe didn't hit my irons as good as I've been hitting them, but still had some chances, and we'll just see what happens.

Q. What's been your best come-from-behind victory?
JULIE INKSTER: I have no idea. I don't know. You know, it might have been -- it really might have been my first win ever at Safeco. I think I was maybe like eight back of Whitworth. But the weather was horrible, and I think I shot maybe like 2-under. I mean, the weather was probably the worst I've ever played in. But that's really the only one I can remember. I'm surprised I can remember that.

Q. Do you recall if you've ever played final group on Sunday with Laura?
JULIE INKSTER: I'm sure I have, but I don't know when. I mean, we've played so much golf together. I'm sure I have.

Q. Given the five-shot deficit, how important is it to see that the course is gettable? Both you and Laura were able to go pretty low on the golf course today as opposed to the first couple of days. Is that for you mentally sort of a positive to take out of it?
JULIE INKSTER: Yeah, I mean, I actually thought I played well today. I missed a few short putts early on that kind of set me back a little bit, but I hung in there. I kept grinding. You know, Laura is going to be tough because she's -- she hits a few wild ones, but she seems to recover, but her iron game is really on point, and she's made a ton of putts today. I mean, she putted beautiful. I mean, if she plays like she did today, no one is going to catch her, but that's why we play. So we'll just see what happens.

Q. Juli, I think you had the first bogey-free round of the championship today, hit every fairway. Do you think really for you tomorrow it's going to come down to getting on a little bit of a roll with the putter?
JULIE INKSTER: Yeah, and maybe hitting my irons a little closer today. That's going to probably be -- and I'm going to have to play a clean round of golf. I'm going to have to do the little things good, like on No. 2 today, I was just short and I chipped it over the green. I mean, who does that? And I made par. And 4, I miss a shorty. So I'm going to have to play a really clean round and very good round to even have a chance.

Q. I just asked Laura this: This championship doesn't count toward LPGA Hall of Fame criteria, but do you think it should?
JULIE INKSTER: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's a USGA event. I'm really not sure who -- I guess it would help Laura, right?

Q. It would put her in.
JULIE INKSTER: It would put her in? Well, yeah then. Because really, Laura Davies, if anybody is going to be in the LPGA Hall of Fame, she's pretty impressive and deserves to be in there. But I mean, it's not easy to win any tournament, and so this is a USGA event. Probably the field is not the strongest, but I think down the line it'll probably get a lot stronger. People will start playing a little bit more.

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