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July 14, 2018

Angela Stanford

Toledo, Ohio

Q. That was a heck of a way to finish there?

Q. How long was that putt on 18?
ANGELA STANFORD: That is a good question. I would say 10 to 12 feet maybe, maybe.

Q. How do you feel in general walking off the course, great round?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm a little surprised, actually. I haven't felt that great about my swing this week. But here and there I tend to do what I want to do with my swing and then I don't. So it's been really good, and it's kind of been everywhere. So I'm kind of surprised.

Q. Really? So does that make it even sweeter walking off with a great round, and right now you're just one stroke back of the lead?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, and my putter has been really good the last two days, so I think that's kind of what's kept me in it. I'm seeing the lines pretty well. Yeah, I didn't have the speed good the first day. I didn't have it at all. I kind of figured it out the last two days.

Q. You've been coming here a few years now, and it seems on the weekend you always seem to be maybe not in the lead but in the mix. Are you just playing well coming here or you felt good coming in?
ANGELA STANFORD: I don't know. Thank you for saying just a few years. I feel like I've been here all 18. But it's just a great event. I love the golf course. The fans are great. I don't know. Just some tournaments you kind of have that feel. I can't explain it. Just great people here, great sponsor, great fans. I like the look of the golf course. I like that you have to kind of hit it both ways. I don't know. I get out there and feel like you can just be creative and play.

Q. How nice of an exclamation point is it to make that putt on 18?
ANGELA STANFORD: Pretty big, because I have no idea how to play that hole, and that's what took us so long on the fairway. We were trying to figure out if we play it short and have a full shot in or do we get it on the other side. So it felt really good to make that last putt because, honestly, standing back here on the fairway, I had no idea what was going to happen.

Q. Do you think it plays harder since they changed it?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, just because even if you hit a great drive and you have an iron in your hand, you still can't necessarily hit the green. The greens not going to hold anything but a wedge maybe. So I think when you're standing back there and trying to figure out where to miss the green, that makes it difficult.

Q. Shooting 6-under today, how does that raise your confidence going into tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I just have a lot of confidence in my putter. I think if I could keep that up, tomorrow will be good. But, you know, again, I'm just as surprised as anybody, I think.

Q. Being in contention with Brooke Henderson, what do you know about her and what kind of battle will that be tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: She's fearless. She's going to be a tough one to chase because she's not looking back, and she's going to go forward just as fast as she can. So I would be surprised if I don't have to chase four or five shots before it's all over.

Q. There is a chance of showers in the morning. Are you hoping it softens up or do you not want it to?
ANGELA STANFORD: I could go either way. I think I was surprised when we got here. It usually plays pretty soft. I thought the greens were a lot more firm than normal, and I thought they were faster than normal, so I could go either way.

Q. Just to follow up on the finish at 18. The first pump. I mean, obviously, worthwhile, but how would you describe that, because you want to go for it?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know, I was frustrated with the putt on 17 because I thought that putt was makable. I told myself on 18 just roll it. You've got to just roll the ball. To see it go in was very nice.

Q. I guess I'm saying it was clearly justified. Like you want to throw your whole body in there.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I felt like we made the right decision back there. Sometimes you can make a good decision and go off and not have the ending you want, but it's nice when they match up.

Q. I know it's still a ways off, but not making Solheim Cup last year, next year, any motivation to pick things up?
ANGELA STANFORD: There is always motivation. Always motivation. Especially when you miss one and you've made so many, and people seem to think, well, it was probably her last one.

Q. I have to ask you, you recently said the news about your mom. I would think maybe you're playing for a little more right now as well?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know, I think the hard part has been when I think just mentally getting on the course and being on the course. You know, I've asked her, you know, do you want me to come home and she says no. So I feel like if she wants me to be out here, I need to be out here, and I was struggling with that in Arkansas, KPMG even a little bit. So I feel like if she wants me to be here, I need to be here.

Q. Is she in the middle of treatment right now?

Q. We're all thinking of her.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, thank you.

Q. One last question. Want to get your thoughts on the Senior Women's Open.
ANGELA STANFORD: It's on TV. It's about to go off, isn't it?

Q. Yes.
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm just so fired up. I love it. I grew up watching all those ladies and then played with some of those ladies. So I just think they have so much personality, and they have so much love for the game. I think it's so cool.

Q. Laura last I checked had a six-stroke lead. She's pulling away?
ANGELA STANFORD: Good for her. Good for her.

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