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July 14, 2018

Jennifer Kupcho

Toledo, Ohio

Q. We're becoming quite accustomed to seeing you now and talking to us, and putting in some great rounds of golf here at Highland Meadows. Has this exceeded your expectations?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, it's been a great week. It's fun to be around all the pros and have all these fans out here watching us. It's just a great experience for my first LPGA event.

Q. And a little off the wall question for you for tomorrow. Should you win, should you take home that prize, have you thought about what your future might be and how it might change?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I'm trying not to think about that, just go play my own game. I'll come to that decision when I need to, if I need to.

Q. So sitting in second right now. What were your expectations coming into the week?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I was just trying to make the cut, and once I made the cut, just kind of thinking to double my score. Hopefully to get 6-under and now I'm 8-under, so just go out there and play my best tomorrow and see what I can do.

Q. Should we be surprised at what you've been able to do?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I don't know. It's definitely a bigger stage, a little bit more pressure. But I'm just trying to calm myself and play out here with this is what I want to do with my life, so I kind of have to get used to it and just see what I can do.

Q. Is this your first pro event or how many have you played?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I've played two U.S. Opens. Last year and the year before.

Q. So that's a pretty good place to start, I guess, right?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, it kind of helped me come out here, because I've seen all the pros and I've kind of been on that big stage. So I'm just able to relax out here.

Q. What's been going right for you to make up for the scores that you've had?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think I'm just hitting the ball really well, and then making putts to go along with it. I mean, that's the name of the game. So just playing well right now.

Q. What is the key to tomorrow for you, just consistent play?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I think I left a lot of putts out there today, so maybe a few more putts falling and just keeping my iron game strong. I mean, I've been hitting it well all week, so just keep it strong tomorrow.

Q. Winning the NCAA Championship, how important was that into what you've been able to do today or this week?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think it's helped a lot, just because it gave me that confidence that I can do it at that level, and now I can come to this level and do the same thing. It just gave me a lot of confidence with my game and how well I've been playing.

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