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July 13, 2018

Robert Rock

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Two good days running, you've shot 63 today. Give us your thoughts on that?
ROBERT ROCK: My swing didn't feel as good today but I managed to get a better score out of it which surprising but that is part of the four-round process. If you can do that when you don't feel quite as good, that's something. That gave me a bit of hope because I know generally, four days, I don't get four days of everything feeling great. I generally have three days of feeling great and one iffy one. I hope this was the iffy one; it might not be, but I'm used to that sort of scenario happening over four days. I'm pleased that I managed to turn out a good score and had some things go my way to help me do that.

Q. What's pleased you the most, 13 birdies or the fact you haven't dropped a shot on the golf course over two days?
ROBERT ROCK: Both. Both similar, really. Just not dropping shots makes you feel like you're playing proper golf, smart golf and you're not hitting -- your bad shots aren't really bad. My short game is kind of healthy at the moment. You need two, really, to save par. Yesterday I only missed one green and I chipped in and that was pretty cool.

Today wasn't obviously as good tee-to-green but I did make some good up-and-downs, and my long putting's been good, which this type of golf demands, really. I have a lot of 40- and 50-foot putts, when you're in the fairway or you don't hit a great approach shot, you put it on the front edge or back edge and you lag those up and 2-putt is what you're after. So far, so good.

Q. What expectations did you have coming into this week?
ROBERT ROCK: I don't get that really, anymore. I've played well over the last few tournaments and posted some good scores in first rounds and then end up finishing 40th and 50th or 20th. Those expectations just disappear quickly when you do that. So I try and just enjoy the tournament, see what I can make of it and made a good start. If I play another two good rounds, I shouldn't be too far away. But if some guys shoot, I don't know, same sort of scores, be tough to catch.

Q. Conditions deteriorating, looking like Scotland, any thoughts? A lot will depend on the draw, as well. You'll be out late tomorrow afternoon. Depends on the weather?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, some guys tomorrow morning could get the course in perfect order and shoot 7- or 8-under par like they have done in previous weeks and later on you could get rain and wind and level par is good then. I think you have to judge it as the course presents itself to you. Even though you've seen somebody shoot 7-under, it's not the same course when you have 30-mile-an-hour wind or 20-mile-an-hour wind, and that does change the whole story of the whole tournament.

Q. It has been pretty benign but the beast is still out there, isn't?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I remember playing this tournament the last time around, the first hole was brutal. It was such a hard start because the wind was pumping pretty strong and the rough was really thick, and getting through the first hole with a par was an achievement. So far, it's been a little bit easier.

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