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July 13, 2018

Pat Bradley

Chicago, Illinois

Q. I know you've been waiting 17 years, now you get to play two more days. How has it been so far?
PAT BRADLEY: It's been wonderful. I mean, the day I arrived on Monday, the smiles that I saw from all of the players, it said everything. It said how excited everybody was finally for this championship to be. As I've said before, you know, I thought I might miss my tee time, but I made it, and I'm going to play the weekend, so I'm thrilled. Everybody is just beaming from ear to ear playing in this event, and this golf course was a perfect venue. You know, I'm just so happy that I get two more days on this because the walk is just -- it's just terrific. It's a great walk out there, and I'm going to have two more days of it.

Q. I know you worked so hard on the run-up to it and played and walked and prepared. How were the two days?
PAT BRADLEY: Yeah, I had two great players. I mean, I admire and I respect Amy and Betsy so much. We've played lots of golf together. And to share the first Women's Senior Open first two rounds with them, I couldn't have asked for a better pairing, so it's nice. We all made it, so we're going to go and celebrate some more.

Q. And the fans, too; I mean, people out there being able to see you and just reconnect with you out there --
PAT BRADLEY: Exactly, and they've been wonderful. They've been very, very supportive, greeting us at every tee box and every green, and it's nice. Because of the heat, I didn't know what crowd we'd get. We had quite a great crowd out there.

Q. I think they've been really pleasantly surprised.
PAT BRADLEY: It worked out well.

Q. And what about the weekend?
PAT BRADLEY: Yeah, you know, I've got to keep grinding. I'm not doing any ceremonial walk. No, I'm going to go out tomorrow and I'm going to work hard and try to stay as close to par as I can. The golf course is difficult. The greens are difficult. But I'm just going to go out and grind like I have for my whole career.

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