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July 13, 2018

Johnson Wagner

Silvis, Illinois

Q. You seem to be consistent out here. What is it about this course that just plays well for you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I'm really comfortable off the tee. Like I said yesterday, I have a lot of wedges in my hands. My wedge game has gotten really good the last few weeks, so I'm just having lots of opportunities for birdie inside 15, 20 feet. Putter is rolling nice.

Just have a lot of confidence, like I said yesterday. You just got to keep making birdies. If you get a little rain and it gets even softer, you just got to keep making birdies.

So got a good outlook. Can't get nervous and protect out here, because 12-under is not going to be good enough to win come Sunday.

I know I've got to keep the pedal down and just keep playing this place like I know how.

Q. You've been in this position at this course several times. (Indiscernible) and put yourself in position for Sunday?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I mean, I just think I've done a good job of hitting fairways. When I don't hit fairways, I'm pretty smart about giving myself the best opportunity to make par.

So hit fairways, you know, lots of opportunities for birdies. Get in trouble, get it out, and get up and down for pars.

Q. I know this heat is nothing new for you guys, July on the PGA Tour. Just how much of a grind is it when you're playing and temperatures are in the 100s?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It's hot. My hands get pretty sweaty and slippery, so I am always grasping on a towel just trying to keep my hands dry so I can make aggressive swings.

I felt my energy level get zapped a little bit, and then at couple putts dropped and the adrenaline was back up. Birdies make the temperature feel cool.

Q. Just a little bit more. You talked about hitting fairways. When you haven't hit the fairways or like today, what worked best for you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I had some good lies and just played to the smart side of the holes. Like 11; I was in the left rough, right pin. I hit it out to 30 feet left of the hole. The putt ended up going in, but just not trying to get too aggressive out of the rough.

Just can't be successful that way.

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