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July 13, 2018

Trevor Immelman

Gullane, Scotland

Q. You've added a terrific 64 to today's 68. Tell us about that round from your point of view?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, obviously very excited about that. Got off to a very nice start with an eagle on No. 2. That hole obviously is playing quite short today down the breeze. If you can get a straight drive, you have a short iron. Nice to get off to a good start, and just try to stay aggressive to see if I can keep some momentum.

Over the last few months I've got to a few nice starts in rounds and sort of fizzled away. I tried to stay a little more positive out there and hopefully keep some birdies coming and thankfully today it did and then I hung on down the last few holes.

Q. This is your 10th event of the year, no obvious sign of this sort of form. Have you felt it coming?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: You know, like I said, I've had a few rounds where I've been 3- or 4-under, and then just kind of let it fizzle away and then shoot 70 or 71. There's been a couple times where I've felt like, hey, I could get something going here but for the most part, I'm probably a little better at holding the microphone than when I'm holding the golf club.

It's great to be out here. I remember my roots fondly on The European Tour starting here 20 years ago, and so it's nice to be back out in Scotland and playing and having a good round.

Q. As you mentioned, you combine your careers now between TV analyst and on the golf course. How do you see this phase of your career?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: It's kind of confusing to be honest. One thing I do know is that I love the game of golf, and I know all the courses on both the tours and I know the players and caddies, and so I feel like I have a nice perspective because I'm still kind of part of it.

But I'm also a little concerned that, you know, my best golf is nowhere near what it would need to be to compete at the highest level. To be quite honest with you, that is a very difficult time mentally for an athlete, and everybody faces it at some point, but you know, when that time comes and you start to question, well, am I good enough to be out there, it's a tough time.

But I've loved doing the TV work with the Golf Channel. It's been a lot of fun with them, based right in Orlando. You know, I've tried to learn the ropes and great group of people. So I've enjoyed that, too.

One thing's for sure, for the next 20 or 30 years, I'm going to be involved in some way or another.

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