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July 12, 2018

Thidapa Suwannapura

Toledo, Ohio

Q. To be the outright leader right now, I know it's still early in the tournament, but how good of a feeling is it to walk off 18 knowing you're atop of the leaderboard right now?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: It's pretty good, I think. I'm really happy about the way I played today. There was a lot of drop on the back nine, and I just keep playing. I didn't really look at the leaderboard, and did not even expect anything. So I don't know. I have a chance, so let's see how it goes.

Q. Coming into this week, how confident were you about your game where you're at right now?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I do not expect anything, actually, because I played like six weeks in a row. So I know that my body is getting tired and stuff. And I have to play 18 holes in the Pro-Am yesterday too. And I'm like, oh. So I'm kind of like take it easy and not so stressed about my game. So, yeah this is it today.

Q. How good is it to walk off 18 and have a have that feeling going in to end your day with a birdie?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: It's amazing, actually. She was like talking on the fairway like, oh, if you make par this hole, I'll be happy about it. I was like, yeah, I know. I just want to finish it good. And I see the TV guys here, and just like, oh, a little bit nervous. But, you know, go do it and make birdie.

Q. What's it like for the younger girls out there to see you. We talked to a lot of them today, and they seem really inspired.
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: It's really nice that they can be out here and they see us on the TV and inspiring them and they want to be out here. It's really fun to see those girls trying and wanting to be out here and have fun out here too.

Q. What advice would you give to an 8-year-old version of yourself if you were out here at a Pro-Am?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Just have fun and learn about how to deal with stuff or emotional, how to deal with when you play a bad shot or good shot. Just get to learn.

Q. Could you give us a phonetic pronunciation?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Oh, my name? Thidapa Suwannapura, don't stress about it. Just simple.

Q. 6-under par at the top of the leaderboard after the first round here at the Marathon Classic. You were on fire today, 10 birdies. Tell us what was the highlight of your day to day.
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Did I make 10? Yeah, for real?

Q. Did you not count?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: No, I was thinking maybe like 8 or 7. No, I didn't know it was 10. That's my record.

Q. That's what your scorecard says.

Q. How did you feel coming off the front nine and going into back nine just going birdie, birdie, birdie? There were a couple bogies in there, but how did you keep that momentum up?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I know it's not an easy golf course, and there's a lot of pins that are tucked in the slope. I know the putt is not easy, so when I make bogey it's just like, well, too bad. I don't know. But what's in my mind today is after I make bogey, then I know that I have a birdie opportunity, so I just try it and try to keep it on the fairway, in play, and hit it on the green. But most of them I made it. Like, oh, that's good.

Q. That's great you kept it really positive and kept your optimism. You mentioned that you had been playing six weeks in a row. I know you've had a lot of struggles this season. What was your preparation like coming into the week?
A. To be honest just take it easy because my body is important. To be out here, it's hot, I sweat a lot, it's a lot of golf. So just take it easy. Knowing that and trusting yourself that you're good enough to be out here and it's going to come out, the result.

Q. It was a great round. Are you going to give yourself any chance to celebrate, or what will you do to prepare for tomorrow's round?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I'm going to go get some food. I'm really hungry. My caddie was talking about food since the first nine. Like, Jasmine, what are you going to eat tonight? So, yeah, go get some food and rest, and playing Games in the hotel. I like Games, so that's what I'm going to do.

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