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July 12, 2018

Robert Rock

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Always pleasing to go out early and get a good score on the board in these big Rolex Series Events?
ROBERT ROCK: Absolutely, yeah. It's what you're after. These are great tournaments now. Scottish Open is a great tournament, anyway, but now we've got the Rolex part to it, it's even better.

So we had a pretty calm first few holes and it was nice to make a few birdies straightaway because it's a little bit more tricky now.

Q. No dropped shots today and you can be aggressive out there with the fairways running as they are at the moment. There are one or two drivable greens here, as well?
ROBERT ROCK: Not for me. I can't hit it that far. You can be reasonably aggressive but you don't -- you don't quite know how far it's going to go. Bunkers are 320 yards, which is normally well out of range for me and now can be in play if you get the right sort of bounce and if you hit it good.

So you try to hit good shots and hope you planned it out properly, but on the last there, I shouldn't have been able to reach and I was probably only two yards from going in, so you never know.

Q. Been a little frustrating of late, you've made some great starts but perhaps lacking a bit of consistency; would that be a fair assumption?
ROBERT ROCK: Pretty bang on with that. We have another attempt to try and reverse that trend, but play good at the start, makes things easier, anyway. Better than battling the other way around. Every tournament's different, so you just do your best.

Q. A spot in The Open at Carnoustie next week. Is that in the back of the mind?
ROBERT ROCK: Absolutely. It's the last chance and always disappointing to not play The Open. I'm going as a coach, anyway, so that's pretty certain; I'll be there. But I'd like to be playing, we'll see.

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