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July 12, 2018

Matthew Southgate

Gullane, Scotland

Q. You got off to a fast start, birdie, eagle?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, it was nice. We were always going to hit iron off the first, but for some reason I didn't fancy and hit driver and that turned out to be a good decision. Left a short shot in and a kick-in birdie and holed a good putt at the eagle at the second, just the start you want, 3, 3, 3. Off and running, which is nice.

Q. How are conditions? Seems the wind's picked up the last 30 minutes or so.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: The wind has picked up. You have to control your shots and there's a couple of really difficult pins out there. The pin on 16 is so severe that it's playing really sort of into the wind and you have to control the spin. And then 17, the pin's well out on the left and the wind is straight off the left.

So it's not too tricky to get the distance right but it's quite tricky to get the line right because of the wind. Definitely enough there to get you thinking.

Q. Can you be that little bit more aggressive off the tee because of the dry, running conditions?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, it's nice, nice for me not to have to worry about the distance, really. Just get it in play and you have so much distance on the ground that a straight drive is a long drive. You don't have to go smashing the thing, nice and smooth, get it on the fairway and let it run, 50, 60 yards.

Q. Only day one but always nice to got a good score on the board early on?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, always nice. With the early tee time, we have over 24 hours to wait for a tee time again, so nice to be able to watch some of the coverage. Going over to the hospice this afternoon to see some people that aren't doing too well. It's a privilege to be out there playing. Going over there with Scott Jamieson, hopefully put a few smiles on a few faces and come back out tomorrow.

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