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July 11, 2018

Jerry Kelly

Highland Park, Illinois

Q. So you've had a great season so far. You started out in January 2017 Rookie of the Year, then you won at Hualalai, you've been No. 1 in the Charles Schwab Cup standings five out of 14 weeks, which is more than anybody else on Tour. Do you feel that in your game every week, those accolades?
JERRY KELLY: I have. I have. Up until this week, when I just got some issues going on right now health-wise, and hopefully everything gets better with adrenaline tomorrow. We'll see. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed that I'm not feeling top after the last couple weeks. I'll go get some work done and see if there's anything I can do to feel better.

Q. What's going on?
JERRY KELLY: Back and neck. I don't know.

Q. When did it start?
JERRY KELLY: It started on Tuesday night.

Q. Historic course here, first time it's ever had a pro tournament ever. What are your thoughts?
JERRY KELLY: Oh, it's great. Donald Ross just knows how to shape a golf course. You know, we love playing on history. It's always a lot of fun. Chicago is such a great town. They always deserve a good championship here.

Q. Is it fun to play on a course that virtually no one has really ever played on, too?
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, everybody needs to go in there and get to know it for the first time, and then you've got Sluman, who's played it a ton. We'll have to compete with him this week. But yeah, by the time we play three practice rounds, we know a decent amount about the course, but there's always somewhere that you're going to look back and say, well, I'm not going to hit it there again.

Q. Do you like old-school courses like this?
JERRY KELLY: I do. I do. I kind of -- I feel like I've gone through the motions the last couple days feeling the way I have, so I hope the greens don't jump up and bite me too much, but I'm just trying to get to tomorrow.

Q. As a guy born and raised in Wisconsin, this tournament has spent the last almost a dozen years on the East Coast. How nice is it to be in the Midwest?
JERRY KELLY: Well, it's great. I go back to the Western Open days. I was fortunate enough to win at Cog Hill, and I'm going to have all the family down like I always did for that tournament, so that's always a plus when you get a lot of people behind you.

Q. Do you still have a lot of family that lives in Madison?
JERRY KELLY: Yep, yep, absolutely, both my wife's and my families, so they'll all be down.

Q. Bernhard Langer said yesterday this Tour is so strong, every week there's 50 guys that could win. Do you agree with that?
JERRY KELLY: Totally agree with that, absolutely. It took me a good six months to really understand just how good these guys are playing. They're shooting so low every single week it seems like. I'm sure there's going to be some scores this week that will shock you.

Q. We have 49 of the top 50 in the Charles Schwab Cup standings except for Stricker. Do you give him a hard time for that or do you leave him alone?
JERRY KELLY: Not when he's going back to a golf course that he won three straight times. No, I give him a pass. But it's tough. I miss Hartford. My last year on the regular, I lost by a shot to Russell Knox on the last making a 15-foot slider, and my hometown event is opposite that. I think I'd miss just about anything for that except for maybe one of these majors. But Strick has got to focus on both. He's got some jobs to do out there still.

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